Issue 22                                                                                                                 July 2016
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Welcome to MastersRankings!
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Are you new to MastersRankings? is devoted to serving Masters Athletes - this is your site! Your feedback is essential as this site evolves. Many of the features are a result of athletes' feedback or requests. Please let me know what you think and what you want (Take Survey) (Contact).

What is in the newsletter?
Athletes have provided their requests in surveys or other correspondences and the newsletter features have changed to meet those requests (and will continue to do so).  Like the site, there are many subtle links to much information (underlined in the left sidebar of this email and red underlined type in the body of this email). Read previous newsletters.     

What else should I know?
The site will grow over time with completing & expanding existing sections plus adding features enhancing the experience and giving Masters Athletes things that you want. Click on all the main menu links on the site.

I think minimizing clutter is important on the site so many links are more subtle and embedded in the text within the pages and sidebars plus almost all the text in the lists and athlete profiles are links.

Other subtle things to make the site easier to use are being built-in over the last few and upcoming months. Forms are pre-filled when you are logged in plus you can go directly to your profile by clicking on where it says Hello (Your Name)!

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Much information is on two pages which answers most of the questions people have asked about memberships:
Run, Jump, Throw at great meet
Two great meets in one!
Attend the Potomac Valley Games / USATF SE Regional championships on September 3 - 4 and get twice the rewards, more competitive fields and have a lot of fun competing at a fantastically run meet and great facility. USATF SE Region and Potomac Valley Track Club have teamed up to host the two meets together at the T.C. Williams track. A meet of this level does not come along very often so it is well worth attending (plus double the medals!).
Ranked Athlete Spotlight

Photo by Shizuhiko Hatada
As a former collegiate track star, Yukari `Andy` Ando always pushed herself to the limit but now, `it is OK that I am not able to do as much as when I was younger. It is more about `quality` not `quantity` (how much time she spends time on each practice). Andy continues, `as a masters athlete, I think it is very important to pace yourself, talk with your body and mind periodically, re-evaluate and be flexible with the goals you set`. It is OK that I cannot achieve my goal this year because we always have future opportunities to try again as long as we are injury-free`.  Andy holds the 80m hurdles W50 Japan National and Asia records. She had set it in her home town when she turned to 50, then, renewed her own record a year later, with a time of 13.47, which still stands to this date as Japan and Asia records. Right before the race in Okayama, she severely strained her calf muscles. As she was determined and told the local news press that she`d go for a record at the All Japan Championships with her hometown crowd, she wrapped the injured area with layers of tapes, competed and set a new national record. After the race, the doctor was shocked to see that she was able to run as the injury was very serious, and, even set a new record. Andy established a masters track and field team, ` Team Andy` in 2012. Members from all over the country belong to the team and enjoy getting together and competing throughout a year.

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By the Numbers & Meet Results
These are the meets and performances added in July:
  • 30,649 performances added (870 by athletes)
  • Representing 9,146 athletes from 84 countries
  • 1,304 new athletes listed
Meet Results Added for (in order of number of performances):
Efficiency still improves every month because I am constantly working on ways to improve.  The down side is sometimes the live testing results in some errors like the duplicate results in the Nordic Championships.  

Much of this month was spent working on other things related to supporting MastersRankings so most of the results that were inserted this month
Different Approach
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Listing complete meet results quickly will be necessary for the next few months will be important as my primary focus must be on fundraising. This means that I will do more of the results that do not need much, if any, conversion to be uploaded. Inserting some meet results, like difficult pdf formats, will be delayed, but not forgotten. Anyone interested in helping to insert complete meet results should contact me.

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