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Spring into Fun at
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Spring Classes Start
Friday, 4/21 & Saturday, 4/22  
many classes are almost full!  
Come  with your 0's & 1's (Birth-23.9 mos.)
4 Fridays, 4/21 - 5/19, 11:30-12:20
(skipping 5/12)  
4 Saturdays, 4/22-5/13, 11:45-12:35
Only a few spots left or make a wait list!

Come with your 1's & 2's (12-35.9 mos.)
4 Fridays, 4/21-5/19, 10:30-11:20
(skipping 5/12)
4 Saturdays, 4/22-5/13, 10:30-11:20

Only a few spots left or make a wait list.  
Family Time - upon demand!
For all children (0-5 yrs.)
& some free siblings!
Upon demand this term & back 9:30 this summer!   
Create Your Own
with your Birth-5 year-old child or Call us to arrange one at your pool or playgroup! 

ABC Music & Me is...
30 min/week = 32% Literacy Gain!

Parent Child U   are incredibly affordable & fUn! 
$100 for 3 hours for Miss Tracey :)
$75 for 9 goodie bags with our
CDs, books, and shakers!! 

Research shows that babies who spin are smarter and healthier!
We dance and rock at Kindermusik.
This is also our visiting time with YOUR peers!
Under the weather?
Out of town?
Sleeping in?
Not sure which class is best
for your child/ren?
Want to try us out first?

Try a Demo Class!

Signing Smart Increases Language!

Research demonstrates that children who participate in
just 8-10 weeks of Signing Smart programs show improved language skills by 12 months of age. Typically developing, hearing children usually have 1-2 spoken words by age 1, whereas Signing Smart children have 16 signs and 23 words!

Parents, Teachers, Child Care Providers
Join us for Teacher Training!
Host at your home or a community center!
Children = Challenges!
Extra ideas & proven strategies!
or Parent Coaching upon Demand!

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Signing Smart
Thanks you for fabulous 15 Years! 
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