On display April 1-30, features the work of
Susan Dawson, Bill & Nancy Dewey, Dru Duffey,
Bob Giadrosich, Hilma Josal, Sonya Lang,
Fran Martiny, Joan Pinney, Tammy Pool, Claire Ridlon,
Kathryn Sterley and Annika Elizabeth

This show celebrates Spring and looks forward to brighter days ahead.
A new piece by Annika Elizabeth!
Hilma Josal - Oil

Snohomish Lions Club
Raffle Winner

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Dru Duffey - Watercolor
Spring Flowers
Sonya Lang Photography - One of my favorite things to
photograph in April is the migration of the shorebirds as they come through Ocean Shores WA. The lines and shapes inspire the
high key black and white processing. The tryptic, I
call 'Bird Dance', as they seem to do a little ballet as
they glide in to land along the shore.
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