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March 26, 2015
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~Country Quilts and Bears~
Welcome Spring!

Shop Announcements
 A Message from Marilyn
End of the Month, End of the Bolt
We all blinked and March flew by.  Here it is Easter time already!
Consequently our End of Month, End of Bolt Sale will be Saturday, March 28th and Monday, March 30th.   
~Kim Diehl Simple Whatnots Club~
The new Kim Diehl Classes are  underway  Friday, April 10th, and Saturday, April 11 th.  Jump in anytime and have fun sewing a keepsake!  And remember, we have the entire second line of Kim Diehl's newest fabric, Heritage Hollow, in stock. 
See below for more details...
~Wooly Wonderfulness~
Susan's Wooly Wonderfulness classes are gaining in popularity.  The February class is Wednesday, April 15th.  This month the Wooly Ladies are going to continue to work on their wool patches and we shall discuss and begin our "Big Projects."  A vote might even be taken regarding the Big Projects.   If you haven't had an opportunity to join the ranks of Susan's Wooly Ladies, this would be a great month to do so!   See below for more details...
Country Quilts and Bears 
Shop Challenge 2015
As promised.....

This year's challenge is different than ALL previous challenges.   Change can be good!  Instead of a fabric challenge, this year the challenge is using the new Hickory Nut Templates.  We have three sizes to choose from.  Use your creativity to design an item of your choice.  
If you do not know what Hickory Nuts are, come into the store to find out.  They are displayed on the front counter with samples showing how to use them.  If you smile nicely, we may even do a demo for you...!
We look forward to displaying all of the creative pieces in the shop during the month of September.  In order to have time to get them hung by September 1st, please bring them to the shop, completed, by August 25th, 2015.  
Entries will be on display from September 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015.  
With the new challenge, comes new rules.  Here they are:
1.  Your projects may be sewn by hand or machine or a combination of both. 
2.  You may use quilters cotton, wool, denim, corduroy, silk or any other fabric you choose.  There are no fabric restrictions.  
3.   Your project can be anything quilt related.
4.  Embellishments are allowed and encouraged.
5.  Projects must be made using at least one of the three sizes of Hickory Nut Templates.

The public votes based on eye appeal.  
One vote per person.  
Winner will be announced and prizes awarded October 1, 2015. 

1st Place:  $75 Gift Certificate
2nd Place:  $50 Gift Certificate
3rd Place:  $25 Gift Certificate
Gabby Quilts for Friends

Book 1 of the "Little Sewers Series"

...One chilly morning, Gabby realizes that she needs something warm for the winter ahead. A quilt is just the answer! But when Bear, Goose, and Sheep all have different ideas for the quilt, things get complicated. With love and imagination, Gabby stitches and sews for weeks. Can she make a quilt that will please each of her friends?...


As many of you know we are carrying Book 1 one of the Little Sewers Series and now we will be carrying the fabric panel to make the doll or bear as well!  This talented author, Michael McCormick, has also created a greeting card that all quilters will love.  With Christmas looming large, we think you will find these books and accessories to be a marvelous gift idea for the wee ones in our lives.  Especially those that are familiar with quilting.  




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We have entered the world of social media.  Come on by and like our facebook page!  We will be posting class photos, shop events, and new stock items on our wall as these things occur.  Can't wait to see you there!  Click the link below to go to our wall:
Country Quilts and Bears Facebook Page
End of the Month End of the Bolt 

Can you believe it - now March is almost over!  This month, as we typically do, we are offering you the opportunity to pick up some excellent buys at the   End of the Month, End of the Bolt Sale.   This month it will be 
Saturday, March 28th
and Monday, March 30th.  
Buy the remaining fabric on the bolt and receive a wonderful 30% discount!  

Winter Classes and New Products
Beginning and Intermediate Applique with Carol Clarke
Clarke Applique

Carol's Applique Club

and Beginning and Intermediate Hand Applique Class!


Carol teaches applique on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  She now has several quite advanced students along with her beginners.  Consequently, the idea has developed to divide her class into two groups.  


The advanced group, hence the name "Carol's Club", will come to sew and kibitz while Carol proceeds teaching beginning and intermediate applique.  Fun for all!   

The Beginning and Intermediate Applique is designed to teach and refine your needle turn applique techniques.  You can choose your own patterns and/or use the class samples. 


  This is an ongoing class.

Carol's Club is $10 per class and the beginning and intermediate applique is $20 per class. 


Saturday, April 11th


**NOTE - NEW TIME!!!**

12:00 to 3:00 

Beginning Applique with Becky Madasz

Learn from one of the best! Becky will teach you her method of hand applique and it will begin with selecting the right fabrics and designs, as well as marking the pieces for cutting, the proper needles and threads to use, as well as first hand needle turn instructions...    This class will meet the second Wednesday of each month and will go from 10:00 to 2:00.  It's an ongoing class and you can hop in at any time.  






Wednesday, April 8th

$20 per class

Kim Diehl's Simple Whatnots Club with Becky and Linda
Henry Glass Fabrics and Kim Diehl have teamed up to bring you a new club featuring miniature quilts stitched from Kim Diehl's newest fabric line, Heritage Hollow. Each month you will receive a pattern to complete a miniature quilt.  
Starting in October, the group will meet the 2nd Friday or the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Becky Madasz will teach on Fridays, and Linda Zebrowski will teach on Saturdays.
It's a 6 month program.  Each month club members receive a new pattern of Kim Diehl's that is not yet on the market.
At the club meeting, patterns will be distributed.  Helpful hints will be given by teachers, Becky or Linda.  AND a delightful baked treat along with coffee or tea.  YUM! 

Friday, April 10th 
Saturday, April 11th

Supply list available at the shop. 

10:00 to 12:00


 Wooly Wonderfulness with Susan Freebery 
  On the third Wednesday of every month, Susan will be teaching a wool applique and stitching class.  This class is geared to all skill levels and styles, ranging from the beginning wool appliquer to the advanced, and the very primitive to the modern style.  We will begin with tracing and appliqueing methods for getting the wool onto wool, wool onto cotton, etc., and in each session there will be at least one new stitch being taught.  Some of the wonderful stitches on the calendar are bouillon stitches, double cast on stitches, and the ever popular drizzle stitch.

You choose your own project or we can help you find one that suits you!



This will be an ongoing class and we will be focusing each month on different stitches and techniques, as well as focusing on the wool applique style ala` Sue Spargo.  Students are encouraged to make any "big" project they wish, and again, it can be primitive to contemporary, embellished or simply blanket stitched down.  Whatever style suits you!   The class, as a whole, is now working on a Wool Patch Project where we all make a wool patch each month, learning specific stitches.  These patches can be combined to make pillows, table runners, tote bags, wall hangings... that will be your choice.  The sheep that is pictured above is our first patch.  We titled her "The Original Wooly Woman".         


This is an ongoing class and you can join us at any time.  
Call the shop for the supply list or stop in to get it. 


We will meet the third Wednesday of each month



Book required


Wednesday, March 18th 

Wednesday, April 15th

10:00 to 2:00


Hand Quilting with Diane Hosman
Hand Quilting D Hosman


The domestic art of hand quilting is back in vogue and in full swing. More and more people are expressing a desire to finish off their pieced and appliqued quilt tops with beautiful hand stitches. Join us in small classes where you learn the values of fabric, needles, thread, hoops, and thimbles.

You'll also learn how to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome while quilting.

One of the many pleasures of hand quilting is the peacefulness that takes over when the fingers begin to move in a quiet rhythm. Come join us in the resurrection of this gentle art. If you have had any doubts about this hand-craft, please remember we all started with big, uneven stitches, but we had to start somewhere!  


Saturday, April 4th

Saturday, May 16th

  10:00-2:00     $30.00

Supply list available at the shop.  


English Paper Pieced Stars with Linda Simons


6-Pointed Stars - English Paper Piecing

with Linda Simons
Saturday, March 28th

10:00- 3:00

Why is this old hand sewing technique the new craze?   Because it's addictive AND we get to use our fabric stash in a new way.   Learn about fabric selection, cutting, glue basting, and hand stitching.  Plus all the tricks I've learned along the way.  

A March followup class (date to be determined) will discuss layout options and finishing the quilt top.


Supply lists available at the shop.



Country Quilts and Bears is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 to 4:00, Wednesdays 10:00 to 6:00.  
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