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Why should I care about nutrition? 

When a pregnant mom eats, she is eating for two, yes? No! She is eating for two + 1 x 10^14 bacteria too! That's a lot of mouths to feed. We are not only eating for our own cells needs, but also for our microbiome. Yes, we are what we eat, but  I'd argue that - perhaps more importantly we are what our bugs eat! There is now evidence that certain bacteria can cause obesity. In one study some gut bugs were taken out of an obese rat and put into a normal weight rat. The normal weight rat became obese.

How to have a healthy gut 101.

1: Keep the gut bugs diverse and on their toes by rotating in different strains of bacteria. If you've been on a probiotic product for a while consider switching things up. 
2: I have the best results with human microflora products . Those derived from a human for humans. These bugs know their host well and acclimate quickly and more sustainably. 
3: Always take your probiotics WITH a meal AND continually feed your probiotics with prebiotics like fiber, best source is beans. See smoothie recipe below. I've evolved it to include more prebiotic!
4: It might be time to weed and feed and clear out bacteria or fungi (aka yeast) that aren't desirable. Ask Dr. Neale about her Weed, Feed and Seed microbiome treatment protocols!
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Question of the Day 

Q: Are you a real Doctor? 

A: Answered on video!
dr. neale's blog: G-BOMBS
Have you ever cut out  sugar  entirely from your diet for a week? Have you ever had a week of 70% vegetables and 20% meat? I know, it's difficult, but try it. Just for a week this month and see for yourself how you feel! It's really weird how it works: when you don't eat sugar, you don't crave it. In fact, you crave VERY little if you're eating more veggies! I know, I know, pretty hard to believe. So try it yourself! 

It's this weird thing that your body is getting all of the nutrients your system needs so there's nothing left to crave. You see, when you THINK you're craving ice cream, it's actually your body saying something like, "Hey, having a depletion over here, get me absorbable and complete nutrients!"  A great way to get those nutrients is to make sure you're getting your G-BOMBS in daily. Print our G-BOMBS image to hang on your fridge and  read more on this great topic on our website.

Breakfast: A quick fiber rich bug-feeding smoothie. 
  1. A handful of greens. I buy these in bulk, super, organic, baby, power greens in a tub. I toss the tub in the freezer and it then won't go bad waiting for me to use it up! 
  2. A splash of frozen fruit: organic berries, mango, peaches, or cherries. 
  3. A handful of frozen nuts (organic and raw), i.e. cashew, hazelnut, almond.
  4. A handful of frozen seeds (organic and raw), i.e. pumpkin, sunflower, chia, sesame, flax. 
  5. A scoop of raw cacao powder. 
  6. A scoop of vitamin C powder
  7. A scoop of collagen (Great Lakes - Green Bottle). 
  8. A quarter of an avocado. 
  9. Water to cover. 
  10. Cooked black beans, about 10. 
BONUS! Get  the quick lunch stir-fry recipe on our website.

nuPatient Spotlight

A Case Review: 49-year old Male patient
Patient presents with obesity, anxiety, insomnia, sleep apnea, and fatigue. 

Lab studies ordered: Boston Heart Cardiometabolic Factors

  1. High cholesterol. Currently untreated.
  2. Elevated inflammatory markers. Currently untreated. 
  3. Type II Diabetes. Currently untreated.
  4. Markedly decreased levels of Testosterone. Currently untreated.
  5. Sleep apnea.
  6. Insomnia.
  7. Obesity.
  8. Anxiety, unspecified.
  9. Fatigue. 

3-month treatment followed by repeat lab studies. 
One check in visit with Dr. Neale per month to keep accountability and plan of action - active. 


Month 1: aggressive dietary change. 
Month 2: continue month 1 AND addition of supplement regimen. 
Month 3: continue month 1 & 2 AND addition of personal trainer, once per week. 


Resolution of Type II Diabetes!
Markedly reduced Cholesterol markers, especially high risk markers. 
Marked reduction of Inflammatory markers. 
Markedly increased Testosterone levels!
14 lb weight loss. 
Improved sense of wellbeing. 
Improved stamina. 
Lifted mood. 

Click here to view before and after labs! It's so impressive what simple diet, exercise and nutraceuticals can do. In 3 months: Type II Diabetes resolved AND Testosterone back to near 30+ year old levels! Hello Moto!

A HUGE thank you to Kathy Carlisle for the beautiful portraits. Check her out at and
I'm thoroughly honored and humbled to have your trust and to be on this journey together with you. I look forward to seeing you soon! 


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