Thanks to all who joined us for our Mala bracelet workshop in March. We had a great time learning more about natural stones and their energy. Look for more great events at the studio in May! As we prepare for our summer scheduling changes we are looking for your feedback on class times and styles. Please respond to the survey questions below if you're interested in more classes at The Fire Within Yoga.

This edition of our newsletter also includes ways to incorporate props into your yoga practice, a feature on bound angle pose, tips on adding mindfulness to your daily rituals, and information on a new beverage we've added to the studio.

Enjoy the new sights and sounds of spring--we hope to see you on your mat soon!

"Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be."

Pose of the Month: Bound Angle

Cooling and calming, seated forward bends are often part of yoga classes' closing sequence. Both introspective and therapeutic, these poses require you to dig within yourself. Seated forward bends are thought to improve digestion, are helpful for improving mild depression, headaches, anxiety and stress.

A beneficial hip opener, bound angle pose (or Baddha Konasana in sanskrit) assists in stretching the inner and outer thighs, groin and spine, as well as calming the mind.

Starting in a seated position, bend both knees and bring the soles of your feet together as you draw your feet in toward your pelvis, keeping your knees apart.

Hold your ankles and press the small-toe side of both feet together, opening the insides of your feet as you were opening a book.

Inhale as you lengthen, exhaling and folding forward, leading with your heart.

Tips : Create a straight line from your sitting bones to your shoulders: lift upward from your spine and press your chest and shoulders open. Use a block under your forehead or knees to vary the pose. Work to aim your navel--not your head-- toward your feet.

Avoid : Forcing your knees down and rounding your upper back forward.

Yoga Props Rock!

Using props for yoga can be a great way to expand your practice and assist an area that may need support. Props like yoga blocks, bolsters, and belts can help practice poses with greater ease and effectiveness, without overextending your limits. Yoga props are for everyone. Strategically placed, they can help you further your yoga practice.

The Wall. We love the benefits of legs up the wall pose and encourage using the wall to assist any yoga practice. Perfect for stability and support, a wall is always around for resistance and leverage.

A Chair. Perfect for all ability levels, adding a chart to your practice can help deepen squats and lunges, as well as offer resistance in gentle twists.

Blocks . Available in different sizes, blocks can be used in three different variations: laid flat. on an edge, or standing tall. Blocks can be used to assist in flexibility by raising the "floor" to you, and offering leverage in bends and folds. By placing them at different areas of your body you can increase your stretching capabilities.

Bolsters and Blankets . Available in different sizes, bolsters and blankets assist in opening, releasing or supporting your body when needed. Often used in Hatha and Yin Yoga, bolsters are a great tool for holding poses for an extended amount of time.

Belts . Easy to utilize something from your own home, belts are key in stabilizing joints, encouraging flexibility and creating space in postures.

Practice mindfulness daily

Setting a morning routine often sets a positive tone for the day. Here are five nourishing ways to start your day with intention:

  1. Awake with awareness and give thanks to yourself before your mental to-do lists begins. As you lie in bed, repeat these sentences to your self a couple of times: "May I be safe. May i be happy. May i be healthy. May I live with ease." If you have a few extra minutes, extend this loving kindness meditation outward to others. Taking time to say these words will give your day a positive intention.
  2. Turn a daily ritual, such as brushing your teeth or moisturizing your face, into a mindful activity by focusing on what you are experiencing in each moment. Notice the sounds, smells and feelings as your turn a monotonous routine into an enjoyable experience.
  3. Give gratitude as your get dressed. With each piece of clothing you put on, think of several things you are thankful for in that moment. This short exercise will help you be grateful for your blessings and encourage you to think positively throughout the day.
  4. As you prepare your coffee or plan your commute, set a goal for your day. From deep cleaning the mud room to adding an afternoon walk, setting an intention will help focus your day.
  5. Create a mantra to remind yourself how you want to feel or behave each day. Repeating a phrase or mantra can help remind you to stay in the present moment, be energized or affirm your beliefs.
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Life Aid: Thrive

You may have noticed a few new products in the studio! We recently started carrying LifeAid Thrive, a healthy daily soda replacement, made of high quality ingredients and nutrients designed for optimal health & vitality.

This little beverage packs a big punch, with only 45 calories, it is non-GMO, Vegan, Paleo Friendly, has no sodium, is certified gluten free and kosher. It doesn't carry any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Thrive LifeAid blend contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like Turmeric, plus a lightly carbonated, refreshing Lemon Spice taste and also helps reduce inflammation from everyday stress.

Try a LifeAid: Thrive the next time you visit the studio for $3. We'd love to hear your feedback!
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