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Continuing our occasional series on places to explore in our part of the Chesapeake Bay area, let’s take a look at the historic old town of Hampton.

Much of modern-day Hampton was laid out after the Civil War, driven by the investments of a New York entrepreneur named James S. Darling, who arrived with a schooner load of lumber in 1866 and stayed on to build an electric railway system and a number of what are now historic homes.

Built on the waterfront of the Hampton River, in a protected waterway that flows into the James River, Hampton is a quaint, walkable town filled with great restaurants, shops and historic sites. There are Civil War Trails, the massive Fort Monroe (which includes a marker noting the landing of the first group of African slaves in 1619), the Emancipation Oak at the entrance to Hampton University, and much more.

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For most of us, just getting out on the water in our boat is all the recreation we need. The wind in your hair, sun on your face, maybe a cool dip overboard before enjoying a nice lunch… what else do you need?

But we realize that some people love games. Card games, board games, any kind of competition. Some people are just made that way!

So for those kinds of uber-competitive types, we found a few ideas of games to play, or take onboard, the next time you get out for a day or an afternoon on the water. And if you don’t want to play… you can volunteer to be the referee. Whistles are optional.

Let the Games Begin

We are in full swing at the Boatel, and we want to make sure you are up to date on all of the happenings.

Our hours are now extended! The Boatel is open from
8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. This schedule goes through Labor Day Weekend!

Now that we are into our summer hours, check out some important reminders to make this summer run smoothly.

Get in the Know

The Fine Art of
Boating Watersports

Now that summer’s almost here, the kids are probably wondering when you’re going to take them boating. Or, more precisely, when you are going to get the boat out and start dragging them through the water

Kids of all ages just love being dragged on something attached to a boat. Some love to jump on a big inner tube and get pulled across the water and waves as fast as possible. Others enjoy being hauled around while zig-zagging across the wakes on a wakeboard or skis.

Bright sunshine, warm water, the feel of wind in the hair, the exhilaration of speed across the waves, the ability to jump the wake and do other fun tricks. Isn’t that what summer season boating is all about?

Yes, it is. So here are some timely tips for you and your family to ensure that your boating experiences are safe as much as they are fun.

Get on the Water

As of April 1st, 2021 anyone operating a recreational vessel less than 26 feet in length will be required to use an Emergency Cut-Off Switch (ECOS) and the associated link (ECOSL). The use of this switch and link are intended to prevent runaway vessels and any threats they create. The individual operating the vessel will wear an ECOSL. The ECOSL will be attached to the switch that shuts off the engine if the operator is displaced from the vessel.

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Sell Your
Boat With Lynnhaven Marine?

Boating demand continues to be at an all time high, and inventory is remaining low. Here at Lynnhaven Marine we will broker your boat, so you don’t have to deal with any of the details that come along with privately selling a boat.

Why Sell Your Boat With Lynnhaven Marine?

There are many headaches that come along with selling a boat privately. Let us help you sell or trade your boat, and take care of the hassle. The following are just a few of the items that come along with selling your boat with Lynnhaven Marine.

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