Spir-it, Inc. established TSF's sixth corporate fund in 1988. The history of this local company is one of the many fascinating stories behind a TSF fund.

In 1934, while enjoying a beverage with a friend, Jack Sidler was unable to reach the olive at the bottom of his glass. He came up with a novel idea. Instead of struggling to retrieve an olive or a cherry from a cocktail, how about piercing it with a small spear? And how about having it imprinted with the name of the establishment? And so, the "swizzle stick" was born.

After getting a patent, Sidler began selling wooden Spir-its, buying them pre-cut from lumber companies and then imprinting them with specialized machines. Early in the 1940s, Spir-it began manufacturing plastic stirrers in colors and with an increased variety of designs. Spir-it enjoyed a worldwide market and in 1968 sales exceeded one million dollars.

This local business, with offices on Lake and Foundry streets, supported TSF during many Phonathon fundraisers by providing the use of company telephones at their offices. Spir-it, Inc. closed its doors in 2000, but this fund remains as a tribute to an innovative Wakefield company.