Bichon Rescue
of Orange County

February 1, 2019
New website front page...

Dear Bichon Rescue of OC Friends and Family ,

After careful deliberation and a lot of internal discussion we feel that it’s time for BROC to undertake the creation of a new website. This is an exciting conclusion that will help our nonprofit grow into the future and expand opportunities for the pups and families for which we serve. Financial assistance will be needed to accomplish this new endeavor and we look forward to your support.

We Believe that a New Website is an Investment, Not an Expense!
Websites that are responsive to mobile phones and tablets are becoming more and more necessary as technology changes. Our present site does not cooperate well with the smaller devices. A new site will act as a building tool that will assist BROC in being more efficient in fulfilling our mission and will help us with the following:
  • Help us raise more money to support our mission of rescuing Bichon’s, thus serving more dogs.
  • Connect us with new donors and provide an updated platform when applying for grants and sponsorships.
  • Recruit more volunteers and help to place them appropriately by their “gift-ings”.
  • Communicating “the happenings” of BROC to our following in an updated method.
  • Help us maintain recognition for the work we are doing.
  • Take us to the next level within our field.

A New Website Will Work for Us Every Second!
Websites further our mission every second of every day. They don’t sleep, don’t take lunch breaks and handle hundreds of people at a time. Our new website will spread the word about BROC consistently and efficiently.

New Websites Improve Efficiency!
As BROC takes in more pups and cares for more permanent fosters, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish all that needs to be done. A few ways that our new site will assist are:
  • Automate time consuming processes.
  • Donor management to include; acceptance of payments, capturing donor information, etc.
  • Volunteer management to include: registering volunteers, communicating event information, reminding. volunteers of upcoming events, asking for continued engagement.

Who’s Doing What?
We have hired a web-designer, who not only is “mom” to a previous BROC fur-baby, but who’s heart is serving the pup population in her day-to-day life. She has been volunteering her time with BROC since last spring and will not only develop our new site but will manage it for us as well. We’re excited to have her on board! 

So How Can You Help?  
Our new website will cost $5,000. We will begin to accept donations immediately so that the new site is up and running by the end of March.

Check donations may be mailed to our PO Box:
Bichon Rescue of OC
1400 N. Kraemer, #1314
Placentia, CA 92871

Or donations may be made electronically through our PayPal account. Feel free to specify your donation is for website revisions.

These gifts will truly make a difference as we’ve outlined above! We can't wait to see where this new website will take us...

Thank you for your consideration,

Michele Olivier
Bichon Rescue of Orange County 

Our Newest Pups to the Pack: The "Fab Five"!
As we create this newsletter blast, one of our transporters is picking up our newest pups to the BROC Pack. We're calling these cuties the " Fab Five "!

These sweet pups were all living together with a senior who could no longer provide for them. BROC will be accepting them in today for a warm bath, vet visit and some grooming. Our fantastic fosters will step forward to care for these beauties until we find them each a new forever home.

Thank you ALL for being so supportive of our organization. Whether we are redesigning websites, picking up dogs from a shelter or humane society or need your assistance in other capacities; time, talent or treasure ... we know, we couldn't do any of this without you!

We greatly appreciate your ongoing support!

~The BROC Leadership Team
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