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December 14, 2021 / Vol. 1

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Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

I work in my own little office in West Los Angeles helping patients, offering the latest research information and my own experiences, using cutting edge technology, consulting, writing blogs, articles, and providing information about biohacking products, collaborating on information and technology products, and producing lots of free content (podcasts, newsletters, videos, etc.) to help people gain better health.

I have deep and personal experiences with the power of hands-on therapy, the body, food, supplements, movement, and mindfulness to support health and well being. I want to help people break down challenging health issues and co-create changes that have a positive impact on life now and for longevity. I‘m still learning. I'm constantly learning from my patients, my challenges, failures, and successes. I'm constantly learning by working with patients, talking to other doctors, and reading scientific literature. I'm looking to uncover and share long-forgotten and neglected evidence from yesteryear or following and deciphering the latest findings. I grapple with complex science and translate it into practical principles that each of us can use to better support our health now and for longevity. Please sign up for my newsletter as we pursue biohacking truth, learning, and wonder of the human body!

Relieve Hip Flexor Tension With Stretching Tips From Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

Hip Flexor / Quad Warm-Up With Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

Have tight hip flexors from sitting all day? In this video, Dr. Jeffrey Tucker shares a few quick and easy stretches that will aid in relieving hip flexor tension.

You can view more of Dr. Jeffrey Tucker's exercise tips and routines by visiting his Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

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The Doctor's Section

Dr. Tucker's Latest Webinar On Improving Cellular Health

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker partnered with InReach Health to speak on multi-modal integrated programs! In the webinar, Dr. Tucker brings insight to ways individuals might improve their cellular health such as but not limited to CareWear, WinBack, and LymphaTouch.

View The Webinar Here!

Relieve Chronic Pain With PHYTO-ZOL

"As an integrative specialist, I find strong associations between diet, lifestyle choices, and physical activity. All of these factors can influence the patient's ability to live life to the fullest. Therefore, I recommend PHYTO-ZOL muscle and joint formula to all my patients."

- Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

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Treat Your Body With Kindness For The New Year

Order Dr. Jeffrey Tucker's at-home test kit for personalized and customized health care!

This test is done at home on your own and provides cholesterol, glucose, and vitamin D3 levels. The test also provides cardiovascular and blood sugar indicators that help Dr. Tucker evaluate the best course of action for improving your health.

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