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You can reference the below information at any time in the More Stuff section of the Gopher Go App!

When setting up your Gopher Profile, all mandatory info will remain RED until completed.

Here is what is needed to complete your Gopher Profile:

Add Profile Pic (Please use a recent pic or selfie)

The next 4 fields cannot be changed once submitted

First Name (Use legal name on ID)

Last Name (Use legal name on ID)

Date of Birth

Phone (will already be saved from Sign-In)

Home Address

How did you discover Gopher?

What will you be requesting primarily?

Referral Code (optional)

Your Payment Method(s) are set up here on your dashboard:

Account --> Payment Method

Your initial Home Screen will provide you with the 3 most popular main categories. If you need something different, you can request anything you want using the "Other" category and title it accordingly.

When making your request, it is important to try and select the closest subcategory to what you're looking for so that when your request is broadcast, your Gopher will have all the details needed to decide on whether or not they can complete the job.

Each request category will have unique and relevant description information for you to enter.

Below are a few examples to view.

Unlike any service platform available today, YOU set the pricing on the Gopher App. Payments to your Gopher are not "tips," they are 100% of what the worker will make. Workers (Gophers) on the platform do not work for Gopher, Inc, they work for you!

Gophers are under no obligation to take requests on the platform, however when a reasonable and fair offer is made, finding the help you need is easy. When an offer is well below the average accepted offer... not so much. However counter offers can be made. you can accept or decline them as they come in.

If you don't know what a fair offer is, we'll make sure we help you with sharing what the average accepted offer is in your market for the category selected.

Just pay a Gopher for a service.

This is used for requests when you know exactly what you want to pay for a a simple errand, ride and/or delivery.

Add a Cost for Goods & pay the Gopher for the service.

This option is available when there may be a need to purchase certain items, where paying for them from the merchant in advance isn't available. The amount you enter in the cost of goods section is used to pay back the Gopher for purchasing your items. In the event the amount you enter doesn't end up covering the cost of goods, a cost adjustment can be made by your Gopher.

Ask a local Gopher for a bid.

This option allows users to ask for offers when they might not know exactly what a fair offer would be. When you ask for a Gopher to make you an offer, you will receive notifications when the come in. You'll see how much the bid is for and can review the Gopher's ratings, reviews and job history on the app.

Whether you need something ASAP, are flexible on your timing or need something at a specific date/time, we've got you covered.

Need It Now

This lets the Gopher know you're wanting the request to be completed as fast as humanly possible.

Flexible On Timing

This allows you to state just how flexible you are with completion timing. whether you need something in the next 24 hours, the next week or the next 2 weeks.


This allows you to state an exact date and time in which you need your request completed.

When selecting First Available, the 1st Gopher to accept your request earns the task.

This option is recommended for quick deliveries and small amount projects.

It is not recommenced to use 1st available for large projects or large amount requests.

When using Select My Gopher, you will be alerted each time a Gopher is interested. When these notifications come in, you can review the Gopher's Ratings, Reviews and Job History.

It is not recommenced to use 1st available for large projects or large amount requests.

When using Notify one of my Favorite Gophers, we'll only share your request with those you've selected. In the event none of your favorites are available, we'll broadcast your request to the rest of the available Gophers in your area.

At the end of each request, you'll have the opportunity to add that Gopher as a Favorite Gopher!

After you've entered your request info and selected your method of payment, you'll have a chance to quickly review everything before submitting.

If all looks good... Gopher it!

Any time your active request needs attention, you'll receive a banner notification with a prompt in the app that links you to the info. Once you select the link titled

To protect the privacy of everybody involved, all messaging between Gophers and Requestors is done inside the app. When you submit a request, Gophers have the ability to message you in the event additional information is needed regarding the request. Once your request is accepted, if there was a previous conversation going with your Gopher, that messaging will be accessible until the request is completed.

Exchanging phone number, email addresses or any other personal contact information is prohibited on the Gopher platform.

When your Gopher completes your request, you will receive an SMS message with a link to the App as well as an App notifications taking you to a confirmation page.

Please confirm the request as soon as the job is completed, this is what initiated the payout for your Gopher.

Fortunately disputes very rarely ever occur, however in the event there is one, please follow review instructions in our Terms and Conditions. The app is equipped with everything needed to work a dispute out between you and your Gopher.

Once a Gopher selects a job is completed, you have 24 hours to confirm or dispute the request. After 48 hours, an auto confirmation is initiated and cannot be dispute or refunded. There are multiple ways to communicate if there is an issue.

Email Gopher Support or in the app at More -> Help Center -> Contact Us.

Stay up to speed with new features, enhancements & promotions in your Gopher Inbox.

Nothing grows the marketplace like referrals. We've made it super user to share the Gopher Marketplace. Our unique referral link shares both apps and provides an easy and informative link for referrals to see the benefits of Gopher and Gopher Go. We'll be sure to reward you for the referrals as well. You can keep track of everyone you've text and emailed, who have signed up and who has used the app.

Our More Stuff link shares helpful links and resources as show below.

We're committed to a continuous evolution of enhancements that allow you to do more with less clicks. As we evolve, there is no doubt we'll experience a bug or 2 along the way. If ever you experience something that doesn't seem right, using the Report a Bug link will help us diagnose and resolve issues in the fastest possible way. Your help here in these rare cases is sincerely appreciated in advance.

If you make a request in a new area, and a Gopher isn't available to take your request, it will simply expire and you will not be charged a penny. We will then go to work, spreading the word in your area so it doesn't happen a second time. Please follow us on any of our Social Media pages for more info on how you can help Gopher quickly pop up in your neighborhood! Please refer the app! Gopher has popped up all over the US from users simply using the Refer App feature!

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