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The worker companion app to Gopher Request.

You can reference the below information at any time in the More Stuff section of the Gopher Go App!

When setting up your Gopher Profile, all mandatory info will remain RED until completed.

Here is what is needed to complete your Gopher Profile:

First and Last Name (Use legal name on ID)


Phone (will already be saved from Sign-In)

Date of Birth


What you would like the Gopher Marketplace to know about you (optional... but highly recommended to allow users to hear the human side of you)

How did you discover Gopher?

What requests are you most interested in seeing?

Referral Code (optional)

Ride Sharing Info (if applicable - see below)

Setting up a Business Account (if applicable - see below)

Setting your Work Preferences (this will determine what request notifications you receive - at least 1 must be selected)

Ride Sharing Info

Here is what is needed to perform Ride Sharing on Gopher Go:

Car Make

Car Model

Max Passengers

License Plate #

Valid Drivers License #

How did you discover Gopher?

What requests are you most interested in seeing?

Drivers License State

Car Insurance

Registering as a Business

Here is what is needed to register as a Business on Gopher Go:

Company Logo

Business/Entity Name

Company Title

Business Address

Licensed/Bonded/Insured (Y/N - if Y, upload verified credentials)

Pictures of completed jobs (optional but recommended)

Description of your business

Your Payout Account is set up on your dashboard:

Account --> Payout Account

You must have a payout in order to accept a request.

In order to receive Instant Payouts, a Debit Card by a supported bank is needed. Here is a list of Stripe Supported Banks.

More payout info below in Other Unique Features section...

You'll find your Work Radius & Settings in the More Stuff section of the dashboard.

Select any/all job types you prefer.

Filter your request queue to sort by amount earned, time remaining or distance from your location.

Change your filters any time throughout the day.

Learning Request Icons

The Purchase Needed icon represents you will need to pay for the items requested initially. The Requestor has funded the amount needed and this (and the Gopher Offer) will be paid to you immediately after completion.

Please Do NOT accept a Purchase Needed request if you do not have the available funds or are not interested in this type of transaction.

The SMG icon represents the "Select My Gopher" feature has been used by the Requester.

This means that after you (and potentially other Gophers) accept the 

request, your ratings, reviews and job type history can be reviewed by the Requester before they make their selection.

You will be notified either way.

The GPS icon represents the approximate miles (according to Google Maps) from where you are relative to the request location.

If the job has more than one location, it is the distance to the 1st location.

The 21+ icon represents the request involves the purchase of an age-restricted item.

These requests requires you to have a valid ID for the purchase and also requires you to verify the user has a valid ID before delivery of the age-restricted items.

Contactless delivery is NOT available for these requests. Even if a requestor asks for it, it is NOT available.

The Clock icon represents the broadcast time remaining for this request before it is removed from the available jobs queue.

This does NOT represent when the Requestor needs the task completed.

The desired timing of when a request is do be completed is posted in red.

Ex: When: Need It Now

The 2+ Needed icon represents the task is for more than 1 Gopher . Although this is typically accepted by a labor contractor or crew leader, any Gopher can accept as long as they can meet the criteria requested and have qualified help.  

The Gopher who accepts this request will be the party paid for the entire job. 

The Favorite Gopher icon represents you are being requests specifically. This feature is unique to the Gopher Marketplace and means the Requestor has added you to their Favorite Gopher list based off of you previous performance. If you see this icon...


Desired Request Timing

You will see different timing options when viewing requests. This represents when the Requester needs their task completed.

1) Need it now

This request is to be completed immediately after accepting, once accepted, text the Requester and let them know you're on the way!

Then select Update --> In Progress.

2) Scheduled

This request will state the Date and Time the request needs to be completed.

This will be stored in your Scheduled queue until you select Start. You can also add this to your personal mobile calendar

Keep in mind, unless you are a Gopher Pro, you can only service 1 request at a time, so DO NOT select start until the scheduled date/time or you will not be able to take other requests until that scheduled date/time.

3) Flexible

There are 3 different options with the "flexible on timing" option.

a) To be completed by end of day.

b) To be completed with-in 1 week.

c) To be completed with-in 2 weeks.

This will be stored in your Scheduled queue until you select Start. You can also add this to your personal mobile calendar

Offer Types (Payouts)

Amount Earned

Ex: Earn $15

This request is simply making an offer of $XX to perform a service. If it is a delivery, this represents the items have already been paid for.

Amount Earned (Amount Total)

Ex: Earn $15 (Spend $30)

This represents there is a Purchase Needed. Sometimes items aren't available for payment in advance, so the Requestor is adding funds to the request for you to spend on their behalf. Upon completing the request, you will receive a deposit for the total amount offered. Please DO NOT accept a "Purchase Needed" request unless you can cover the out of pocket expense initially. Again, you will be paid the total amount immediately after the request is completed.

Make Me An Offer

Ex: Make Me An Offer

This gives you an opportunity to set the price for the request. For certain requests (Home Services, Landscaping, etc...) the Requestor just doesn't know what a fair offer might be, so it's your opportunity to let them know. If accepted, the job is yours for the amount you set.

Request Actions

After you have reviewed all of the request details, you can do one of 3 things:

1) Message - If you need a little more info (or even a picture) sent to help you make the decision, you can DM the Requestor.

2) Counter Offer - If you're able to perform the task, but feel the Offer (or Cost of Goods) should be modified, you can propose a counter offer. If accepted, the job is yours for the amount you've set.

3) Gopher it! - If you're ready to go, just select the Cancellation Policy box. This will activate the Gopher it! button and you're off to the races!

Active Request Features

Once you have accepted a request, you can Message and/or Call the Requestor by tapping on the buttons below their name. (We strongly encourage a brief text intro, letting the Requestor know you're on you way)

If you prefer Google Maps, you can also tap the Pick Up GPS and Destination GPS. These will open up a navigation route for you to the respective address.

Completing A Request

At the bottom of your Active Request screen, you'll see the Update button. When you select it, you'll initially see the In-Progress button as your first option. Selecting that activates the GPS tracking on the Requestors Gopher App. Your next step is to select Items Picked/Purchased. This notifies the Requestor you're on the final leg of the request. Lastly, you'll see Complete. This alerts the Requestor to confirm the job is done and initiates your payout. If the Requestor doesn't select "confirmed," payout will automatically occur with-in 48 hours. Although we text them too, sometimes a friendly text reminder from you is helpful as well.

Rating Your Requester

The last step with a request is to rate your Requester.

Refer The App!

No single method has brought Gopher to life better than Referring the App. We've made it incredibly easy to share Gopher by Text and/or Email.

Because it only takes a minute or 2 to sign up.. your referrals can start making requests the same hour they heard about the app. See for yourself and help your community AND wallet grow!

Submitting A Bid

When a request is broadcast showing Make Me An Offer, this means the requestor would prefer the price to do the work come from you.

After reviewing the details, if you feel you'd like to accept the job for a certain price, simply enter the cost of materials needed (if applicable) and the amount you'll complete the job for (your wage) and select Gopher it!

Your bid will then be sent to the requestor where they can accept or decline your offer. You will be notified either way.

Counter Offers

Sometimes requests are submitted with the best intensions but the familiarity of other platforms has created poor "tipping" habits. When you see a request for an amount that is just a little too low, you can use the Counter Offer feature to make it doable for you.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE - While you can counter whatever amount you want, keep in mind, it leaves a very bad taste with users, who may potentially leave the platform if abused.

Ex: If an offer is made for $5 for a 3 mile trip. $10 would be a reasonable counter. $30 would not. Please be fair on the marketplace, not greedy!

Cost Adjustments

When a request is broadcast with a purchase needed, the Requester is submitting the amount is accurate in good faith. In the event the cost is actually a little higher than the amount offered, you can submit a Cost Adjustment to the actual price. Once submitted, an immediate approval request is sent to the Requester. When they approve, the amount will update instantly on your end. Please make sure the cost adjustment is submitted and approved prior to paying for the items.

Instant Payout Speed

Stripe handles all payments/payouts on the Gopher Marketplace.

All Gophers start with their 1st 10 payouts at "standard" speed which is 12-24 hours.

After 10 successfully completed requests, payout speed is upgraded to "instant" which is 1-2 minutes.

Gopher Pro/Pro+ users start at instant payout.

All payouts are deposited into your bank account s there is no need to transfer payouts from one account to another. Once deposited, the funds are available to use. There are no fees for instant payout!

Favorite Gopher

This feature was added to allow Gophers the opportunity to earn repeat business. At the end of a job, the Requester will have the option to add you as a Favorite Gopher. The next time they make a request, a new option will be added for them to "Notify a Favorite Gopher." These requests will only view viewed by Favorites for the 1st 2 minutes.

* Becoming a Gopher Pro+/Pro creates many advantages on the Gopher Marketplace.

Trust - Users are more likely to use the app more when they feel the platform is safe.

Earnings - With the Gopher Pro+/Pro badge on your profile, you're exponentially more likely to be chosen when a Requester is looking to select their Gopher, if you have made a counter offer and/or if you've submitted a bid.

Opportunity - Gopher, Inc is often contracted for unique job opportunities where only Gopher Pros are eligible to participate.

Learn more about becoming a Gopher Pro here.

Avoid the following reasons for cancelling:

* Request is too far (Distance is posted in advance)

* Not enough money (Earnings are transparent from the start)

* Didn't mean to accept the request (there is a checkbox here and a pop up before accepting a request so this isn't an acceptable reason)

* I wasn't clear on what needed to be done (All info is posted initially and if you need more info you can message the Requestor in advance)

Complete request timely and according to expectation

Update your progress during a request accurately

* Avoid selecting "in-progress," "items purchased," and/or "completed" all at once.

Communicate with courtesy

If you're not seeing requests yet, hang in there, you will soon! Just have your notifications on and before you know it, you'll be earning more money per comparable job than any other marketplace out there. Please follow us on any of our Social Media pages for more info on how you can help Gopher quickly pop up in your neighborhood! Please refer the app! Gopher has popped up all over the US from users simply using the Refer App feature!

Gophers must have payout accounts set up in order to accept requests. In order not to miss good paying gigs, we recommend setting this up before planning to work.

* Becoming a Gopher Pro/Pro+ is contingent on passing a background check administered by Yardstik.

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