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Have you ever felt “embarathy“ for someone? This term, a combination of embarrassment and empathy, describes the awkward moment when you feel embarrassed on behalf of another person. Martha may have felt embarathy for Jesus when Mary broke social conventions and sat at the teacher’s feet, learning alongside men.

First watch the story of Mary And Martha
Talk about the Mary & Martha Video
•  What surprised you in the video?
• What is one word to describe Mary? Martha?
• Which character do you resonate with most? Why?
• Do you see any connections between their story and your own family relationships? 
Mary chose to spend more time with Jesus, sitting at his feet, listening to him, and learning from him. Martha was distracted by many things and did not show this kind of attentiveness. Through these sisters’ actions, we can become aware of how distractions can get in the way of really knowing who someone is.
• Look up John 11:17-44 and John 12:1-8. How well does Mary seem to know Jesus? How would you describe her ability to be in the moment?
• How do Mary’s interactions with Jesus in these verses compare to Martha, Lazarus, Judas, or the disciples?
• What kind of distractions prevent you from really knowing another person? What are some ways you can connect more deeply with someone else?

Today we do not blink an eye when a woman eagerly learns from a male teacher (and vice versa). Help youth understand that during biblical times, such an arrangement was unexpected, inappropriate. Martha expends considerable effort to protect Jesus from the embarrassment brought on by eager Mary learning at his feet. But Jesus defies these social expectations and norms, welcoming Mary’s presence and affirming her focus. Get the juices flowing by drafting a list of social norms on a white board or chart paper such as whispering in a library, facing forward in an elevator, and not staring at people. Then create a list of taboo activities that could be embarrassing or frowned upon (for example, singing in public, skipping down the hallway at school, or paying for something using only pennies).
• Would Jesus break any social norms on our list? Which ones? Why?
• Do you do any unconventional things? Who totally “gets” you despite (or because of) these things?
• Do you think Martha’s perspective changed over time? (See John 11–12.)
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