Join us in Welcoming Jasmine to the Resist Team!

Dear Resister,

We at Resist are excited to welcome Jasmine, a new staff collective member! Learn more about them and their work at Resist below:

Hola beautiful community, 

My name is Jasmine and I am so excited to introduce myself as the newest staff member to Resist! My role is the Co-Director and the Director of Radical Philanthropy, where I will be building deep connections with our supporters and bringing my critique and new world building to the field of philanthropy. 

I am a Queer, Puerto Rican, nonbinary person of color who grew up low-income and was the first in my family to go to college and law school. In tandem with a lifetime of resisting oppression related to so much of my identity, I’ve found deep liberation and joy in all of the different and intersecting pieces of who I am. I bring that desire to transform the systems and ways that no longer support us, and help build new ways of honoring us all, into the work I do. 

Before my work at Resist, I was an organizer, a constitutional lawyer, and a co-director of a family foundation. Outside of work, I love playing video games, reading Afrofuturism, cooking meals better than anyone you know, dancing, and watching anime. 

With love,

Jasmine Gomez

Co-director, Radical Philanthropy
Three Questions With Jasmine
1. What was your moment of consciousness/awakening?

I always believed in the power of people, but in law school, I took a critical race theory class and read Kimberly Crenshaw. That moved me beyond knowing about individual harm and bias into a deep critique of systems and understanding of how the laws created systems of oppression in the United States.  
2. If you could have lunch with one movement leader alive or dead, who would it be?

Just one? That’s tough… There are so many people who I deeply admire, and who give to our movements in such different and beautiful ways. I would have to pick Octavia Butler, who is a movement leader in my eyes through the radical imagination she has fueled through her Afrofuturism. 

3. What would be songs that best represent you?

You can catch me listening to most music people dance (and twerk) to, so some favorite genres are: hip-hop, trap, bachata, reggaeton, Latin trap, alternative R+B, afrobeats, EDM, and too much Drake (basically a genre at this point). 

In solidarity,

Kathy Lebrón

Co-director, Communications and Storytelling

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