Volume 7 | July 2018
The debate over refugee claimants
Dear CCI Friend,

Recently, in the news, there has been some debate about whether people who cross our border are illegal or irregular refugees.

Canada follows a set of international rules regarding refugee claimants. If someone crosses into Canada at a non-border crossing point, and claims refugee status, we are obliged to give them due process. They are not here illegally.

A future hearing will determine whether or not they can remain in Canada. Many refugee complainants have already been deported. Despite what you might read, the system is working.

And let's understand why many people are fleeing to Canada. Refugees around the world are facing war, violence, poverty, persecution and/or civil unrest. I believe you and I would make the same lengthy, dangerous trek to find safety for our families.

Newcomers to your community want to rebuild their lives in a new country. They are eager to find work, pay taxes, contribute to our social safety net, send their children to school, learn English and become an integral part of the community.

We know from experience that newcomers will give back to their community.

Kindest regards,

Carl Nicholson
Executive Director
Why immigration matters
Each month we want to provide you with a short message of why immigration matters to Ottawa and all of Canada.

Did you know that in 2035, a quarter of Canada's population will be made up of seniors?

It means for every person who will be retired, there will only be two people who are working to pay for all of the programs that make up our social safety net.

To change that and to ensure our golden years are indeed golden, we need immigrants to replenish our workforce. That's why immigration matters.

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Open for business
Wael Aun left Syria with his family to escape the brutal civil war.

The family of six arrived in Ottawa in 2016 and have been working hard to make Canadian friends and integrate into the community.

Two years later, Wael runs his own business that specializes in refinishing and repairing furniture. It's a skill Wael learned back in his home country after his father passed away when Wael was 17.

The children are fluent in English and making friends in their new community. Shortly after they arrived, Hanna was born. The oldest, Khaled, works at a grocery store while Hussein is going into Grade 10. Khadijah, 11, is in middle school while Mariam, 4, will start junior kindergarten this September.

There have been challenges to overcome but Wael says the family has fallen in love with Canada.

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Youth soccer league kicks off
Our youth soccer league kicked off its second season a few weeks ago. We held a picnic at Brewer Park to welcome returning and new players.

This year, we have added a girls' league as well. Last year we had 10 teams with more than 100 players representing 11 countries from around the world.

At the Catholic Centre for Immigrants, we believe activities like these help young newcomers make friends, engage with their community and stay active.

Thank you again this year to the Ottawa Police Service for partnering with us. At each game, an officer acts as a mentor to the young players.
Thank you for your feedback!
It has been one year since we successfully launched our monthly e-newsletter.

Starting this month, you’ll notice a few changes based on your thoughtful feedback. You've told us you want more news about why immigration matters and how newcomers are integrating into your community. You want to hear our opinion on the immigration news of the day.

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The power of monthly giving
Thank you for supporting refugees and immigrants. Your support means so much to the people who come to Ottawa to escape war, violence and poverty.

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