Volume 12 | May 2018
Welcome a newcomer into your community
Dear CCI Friend,

The 2018 edition of Welcome Ottawa Week is less than a month away. It begins on June 18 and is a celebration of welcoming newcomers to our community through dialogue, cultural and artistic events and other fun activities.

It's a valuable opportunity for all residents of Ottawa to let newcomers know how welcome they are in our community.

It is extremely stressful to leave your home with little notice. Often, newcomers have traveled great distances to escape war, poverty and violence. They arrive in Ottawa excited but also very anxious. Will they find a job? Will their children thrive? What will their lives be like? Will they be able to learn English? Will they fit in?

These are all normal reactions to the upheaval they have faced in their lives. But we can help newcomers by welcoming them. You can welcome them, too, and Welcome Ottawa Week is a great time to start.

You can help refugees by making a donation. When you make a gift, you ensure we can offer a variety of programs and services that help refugees find housing, learn a language, search for a job and connect to their new community.

Please show every newcomer they are welcomed in our community by making a donation today.

Kindest regards,

Carl Nicholson
Executive Director
Patrick and his son are thankful to find a safe haven
Patrick is a single dad to his seven-year-old son, Patrick Jr.

They arrived in Ottawa last summer after fleeing the Congo where they feared for their lives. Democratic elections have been put on hold indefinitely and the country has become increasingly more violent with protests.

At the Catholic Centre for Immigrants, we helped Patrick settle in the nation's capital, enroll his son into Grade 1, and connect with his community.

Recently, Patrick emailed us to say thank you.

"We received the great and unique warmest welcome. It's unbelievable. As a single parent, it's just overwhelming. We can strongly confirm that Canadians are an amazing people. In the very short time, we have benefited from a number of great services.

"We are grateful to be in such a great and safe country. We have made this beautiful country our home and we will use our skills, knowledge and experience to advance and contribute positively to the society of our new country -- Canada. Thank you."

You can help more refugees like Patrick thrive in Ottawa by making a donation  today!
Dilrabro receives much needed support to find a job in Ottawa
When Dilrabo made the decision to immigrate to Canada from her native Uzbekistan, she did so because she wanted a better life for herself. She wanted to experience life in a new country. But she also knew she needed a job. She discovered our Settlement Online Pre-arrival Program (SOPA).

SOPA offers a variety of online courses and one-on-one counselling sessions that help newcomers find employment before they arrive in Canada.

The courses are designed to help new immigrants develop Canadian job search skills, improve communication skills for the Canadian workplace, and connect with local resources in Canada before and after arriving.

Dilrabo found the courses very helpful and “I was able to find a job within a month after I arrived.” SOPA is unique from a lot of other online training because a real person provides immediate feedback on every assignment.

Today, Dilrabo works as a finance officer in the international development sector.
Busting more myths about refugees coming to Canada
Friends, now that the warmer weather is here, Canada is starting to see an increase in the number of people crossing the border between Quebec and the U.S.

Naturally, this has sparked a debate and there is a lot of information out there, some of it very misleading.

Recently, the Ottawa Citizen published a well written column that dispels some of these myths. One of those myths is that the people who cross the border are displacing "real" refugees. In fact, it doesn't matter how you enter Canada. If you claim refugee status, you are entitled to due process.

Tell your dad how much you love him
Many of us have a special bond with our fathers. Why not tell your father how special he is by making a donation in his name on Father's Day?

By making a donation to honour your father, you'll help other fathers who are rebuilding their lives with their families in Ottawa. Your gift will help newcomer fathers learn English, find a job, make friends and adapt to life in a new city. 

It's easy to honour your father this Father's Day. Simply click on this  donation link . Fill out all the pertinent information and then select Dedicate Your Donation. You can send an e-card, too. We have a wide variety of beautiful e-cards that will let your father know how much he means to you. The best part is you're helping other fathers in your community.