Volume 1 | August 20, 2021
Flying with the Eagles
Welcome back, NBHS! We are excited to get the 2021-2022 school year started.

This newsletter, Flying with the Eagles, is our way of opening up the communication line between school and community. We use this newsletter to update you on North Bullitt specific information, as well as the the successes of our students and the creative teaching methods our teachers are coming up with. This newsletter is bi-weekly, rotating with the district’s. 

If you are a family that does not yet have children at North Bullitt, you may wonder why you're receiving this. Since your students will someday be part of the NB community, we wanted to be sure you know about all the great things happening here. In addition, we will be sharing stories periodically from the elementary and middle schools – so be sure to stay on our list.

We urge you to forward this newsletter to any friends you think might be interested in receiving it — our success is your success, and we want to share it with everyone. 

Thank you for your support of our school. Enjoy Flying with the Eagles!

Welcome back, NBHS!
Welcome back, NBHS
Welcome back to school, everyone! North Bullitt High School could not be more thrilled to welcome students back into our classrooms. Our students are already off to a great start, getting involved and jumping right back into their courses.

NBHS promotes community building inside & outside the classroom
NBHS aims to prepare our students for all aspects of life, not only teaching them the education they need to thrive in their communities, but how to be a prosperous community member and build relationships with those around them.

Successful Freshman Orientation
Every year, North Bullitt welcomes its new freshmen into our halls with the typical: Freshman Orientation. The Orientation serves as a way for our new class to get familiar with the school, get their questions answered, and prepare for their journey through NBHS. However this year, NBHS decided to change things up a bit.

North Bullitt Eagle Challenge
NBHS is excited to partner with the United States Air Force to host our Eagle Challenge event! This event will challenge participants physically and mentally while promoting teamwork and cohesion.

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