Dear PTA and PTSA Presidents and Leaders,

SCPTSA is excited about the 2017-18 school year and our partnership with Seattle Public Schools. We know the most important and transformational work happens through the work all of you do in our school buildings every day.

Thank you. 

We are looking at stronger ways to support you and your work. We continue to  encourage you to join Schools of Excellence this school year. We also ask that you use the National PTA Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit especially the Every Child in Focus tools monthly focus on different populations of the students and families we serve, putting in action our mission, Every Child One Voice. 

Advocacy and Family Engagement will be the vehicles to drive this work just as it was for our founders over 120 years ago. It is the DNA of PTA. We are committed to strengthening our communication to you to give you the tools, information and support you need. We would like to welcome our new Communications Editor, Kim Love who we are excited to have leading this work for SCPTSA. And take a moment to meet the SCPTSA Board . We look forward to strengthening our partnership with you all. It is going to be a great school year.