Mini Milestones
As we all continue to navigate our mental health journeys, we reach days and instances where we can recognize that we have made positive changes on our journey that will have a positive effect on our mental health & wellness.

These "mini milestones" are moments that may seem small to some, yet they are nevertheless important parts of our mental health journey and are worth celebrating in their own right! Click the button below to view just a few mini milestones we've highlighted on our Facebook page, and celebrate a mini milestone in your life today!

Each month we'll be highlighting an important resource or website that can better help you on your mental health journey. This month we're showcasing How Right Now, a website dedicated to helping you navigate potential negative emotions such as anger, sadness, and worry with resources, videos, and more. This website was developed as an initiative by the CDC Foundation. Click the button below to access How Right Now.
Check out our Lebanon County resources Master List!
If you're looking for COVID-19 resources available in Lebanon County, click the link below to access our resources master list!

Stay safe everyone! We'll get through this together!