This week is Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim, Shabbos Mevorchim Adar Aleph!
The Jr. Rabbi is Habochur Hatomim Hamispallel MENDEL BUTEL sheyichye, a 3rd grade mispallel who shows true Derech Eretz!
The Miss Madricha this week will be 2 special guests from Canada:
CHAYA MUSHKA Eizicovics from Toronto
& ROZY Gniwisch from Montreal!
Join the Bainany Minyan for a special SHABBOS MEVORCHIM Tehillim and Prize raffle!
The Chazan is Habochur HaBainany LEIBEL COHEN
Welcome back to all the mispallelim and mispallelos from your mid-year break and especially to the girls who went to Crown Heights to celebrate Chof Beis Shvat with the Rebbetzin!
KYY would like to wish a hearty MAZAL TOV to the entire W family on the double whammy Bar Mitzvah this coming week! Yitzchok & Binyomin
KYY wishes a special MAZAL TOV to LEVI BERGER and family on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah. Thank you for all that you do to be a part of KYY!
RMD & Srula have our THINKING CAPS on as the
PURIM EXTRAVAGANZA is coming soon!!
Past week: Tznius in thought - look out for Hashem in your week. Find your Hashgocha Pratis story! (If you would like to share your story, please let the Cabinet Members know!)

This week: Give TZEDAKA every day of the week before Davening (or any time)
Sroly Tenenbaum, Shmulik Cohen, Dovber Raeburn,  elected officials
Yitzi Gorelick,  Member of the senate
Lieba Farkash and Mushka Greenbaum,  cabinet members
Chief Rabbi T,  Bainany
Chaya Riva Mayberg and Rena Pinson,  Bainaniya
Mrs. Doonie Mishulovin,  Gesher 
Bassie Cunin, Devorah Leah Bart and Rivky Laskar,  Mini Minyan