September 2022

A Message from the Executive Director


Welcome back to Pivot!

Each year, we’re even more prepared to provide our students the best possible learning experience. As our students enter the fall semester and forge ahead in their academic journeys, we want to acknowledge the ways we continue to grow together as a school community.

I am so proud of our staff and leadership, who have been working incredibly hard to ensure that every student isn’t just welcomed to Pivot but is embraced for the unique value they bring to our community. In this newsletter, I’m excited to share some of our new curriculum, programs, and developing institutional objectives that further Pivot’s goals of opening doors for our students and creating effective independent learners. 

You’ll read stories about one of the newest additions to our Pivot family, Educational Coordinator Andrew Campbell, and a student who has taken advantage of Pivot’s career technical education program to gain real-world career experience while having fun at school! You’ll also learn about exciting Pivot updates, including new custom courses and programs created by Pivot educators and investments we’ve made in our online curriculum to further engage students and build new learning experiences. We are also very excited to roll out our first Parent Portal where parents and guardians can access their student’s progress on a daily basis as well as view policies and information about important events. Parents and guardians should attend the Parent/Guardian training to learn how to access that incredible resource. 

The transition from summer to the school year can be a difficult one, so encourage your students to set themselves up for success and take advantage of our resources to help manage stress. Pivot offers support through our counseling team and Counseling Resources

As always, our incredible team is excited to kick off the semester with continued dedication and steadfast support to your students. I truly thank you for choosing to be a part of the Pivot family – a family that accepts, appreciates, listens, and helps students learn more and struggle less.

We’re always looking to spread the word about our program so that our community can expand with more amazing people like you. If Pivot has had a positive impact on your student, please take a quick moment to leave us a review on Niche! You’ll also be entered into Niche's sweepstakes to win $1,000.  

The school year is off to a GREAT start! Thank you!