St. Mary Magdalene
  • We are once again obligated to attend Mass. The Bishops of Ohio announced with great joy that the dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation has been rescinded. Click here for the full statement.
  • Social distancing and seating in church will be optional. The ribbons restricting access to some pews have been removed! We do ask you to use discretion and courtesy in keeping appropriate spacing when seated or in the Communion line.
  • Wearing of masks is optional. Please follow CDC recommendations, and be respectful of each other. Hand sanitizers remain available throughout the Church.
  • All Church entrances will be reopened. Chapel hours remain as they have been until after Festival.
  • Holy water is available at the entrances to the church. It is in the stoups (basins mounted on the walls) by the gathering area, shrine entrance, and chapel.
  • "Car church" remains an option! Our church sound system will continue to be broadcast on radio 96.3 FM. For those who are not comfortable being in the building, you may participate in Mass from your car in the parking lot. When we pray, "Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof..." come to the Gathering Area to receive Eucharist. THIS WEEKEND ONLY, because of Festival, a minister will be at the Vine Street parking lot with Eucharist, bulletins, and the collection basket for Communion at our weekend liturgies.
  • Singing will be gradually reinstated, beginning with familiar refrains and responses. Please use caution if singing while wearing a mask - especially if you have respiratory, heart, or stroke concerns.
  • The Communion Procession will be reinstated. Distribution of the Precious Blood is still suspended. If you are seated in Church and are unable to come forward to receive Eucharist, please let an usher know so that they can direct the Communion ministers.
  • Collection baskets will remain at the entrances to the Church. We will resume the Offertory collection and procession later in the summer.

Throughout the summer, we will build on this progress as we gradually emerge from the pandemic. Thank you very much for your patience, kindness, and prayers throughout this challenging time. We are so looking forward to celebrating fully together once again!