Rachel Zenzinger for Colorado Senate District 19
Rachel Zenzinger
Colorado Senate Candidate
May 11, 2016
Help me welcome Hannah,
our new campaign manager


If you are a campaign volunteer, or a serious supporter, or just somebody who wants to stay in touch with how this State Senate campaign is going, you're likely to encounter our new campaign manager. She is Hannah Marcus, who cut her political teeth on campaigns in Wisconsin.  I hope you'll help me welcome her and show our appreciation. And one way to do that would be via a donation to the campaign in her honor!  

You can have the greatest impact by donating before midnight tonight, when our latest finance reporting period closes.  In celebration of Hannah's arrival, a campaign contribution of any amount would be appreciated -- $50, $100, $200 or even $400. Please click here to donate online, and send an email to Hannah at   RachelforColorado@gmail.com to let her know about it.
Hannah Marcus

Hannah moved all the way to Colorado specifically because she heard how important this campaign is to the future of Colorado's politics, and she relished the challenge. If you have any questions for Hannah, please call her at 608-293-1529. She would also love to hear from you if you want to set up some canvassing time or any other kind of volunteer outreach.

Rachel Zenzinger

P.S. The contributions that we raise by midnight tonight will help this campaign get off to a strong start. There's no time to waste! Please go to www.rachelforcolorado.com for the fastest and most convenient way to donate.  
End of Legislative Session

The deadline for this latest fundraising reporting period is timed to coincide with the end of the 2016 Legislative Session. The State Senate and House of Representatives will close up shop by midnight today. The four full months of activity crystalized the differences between myself and my opponent, who voted in the Senate opposite to the way that I would have on almost every bill and every amendment. The most recent example was her vote against HB 16-1347, which would have allowed the Department of Labor & Employment to disclose whether a company has cheated its workers in wage-law violations. (Click here for details.)

If you are as tired of her record as I am, please consider making a donation to the campaign to mark the end of the session and send a message: Enough is enough.
Rachel Zenzinger
Rachel Zenzinger

Every important political campaign these days requires significant funding, and this one is no exception. We need to find a way to pay for brochures, direct mail pieces, advertisements and other tools to help make voters aware of their choices. Please consider making any level of contribution to the "Rachel Zenzinger for Colorado" campaign, and help me get elected in 2016.


Information for Donors

DonorInfoUnder Colorado campaign finance law, contributions to candidates from individuals, sole proprietorships, LLPs, LLCs, and state PACs are limited to $400 per election cycle. Contributions from Small Donor Committees are limited to $4,500 per election cycle. Contributions from corporations, labor unions, foreign governments, and non-U.S. citizens are prohibited. Campaign finance law also requires us to provide information about all contributors' occupations, and their employers. Please be specific when you supply that information, which must accompany all donations. If you are retired or unemployed, please so indicate. Please note that political campaign contributions are not tax-deductible. Thank you!


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