James McIntosh, a dedicated and friendly chef, has worked at SHARE for four years. James might know SHARE’s residents better than anyone else, since kitchens are the heart of all homes and his mealtime is the spice of life!

His mission is to deliver delicious and enriching meals for around 25 people in the intimate atmosphere of SHARE’s two senior homes.
When asked how things changed for him since the pandemic James said, “before the pandemic, mealtimes brought residents together but during the pandemic, mealtimes brought a sense of enhanced isolation from the outside world.”

During the pandemic, the goal of keeping residents healthy meant limiting the home from all outside visitors and even keeping residents 6' apart, wearing masks within in the houses. For almost a year, James continued commuting to work and isolated himself in the kitchen to create healthy, delicious and individually wrapped meals that could be eaten in resident's rooms. 

Mealtimes had always been a time when residents could talk with each other while taking a pause to appreciate life. And the summer of '21 was a time of hope and appreciation as James resumed daily meals served in the dining rooms.

James is a treasured and loyal employee for our organization, SHARE.