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What is SHARE?
Our mission at SHARE is to provide affordable housing for senior citizens in family-like settings and to improve the community where we live.
Dear SHARE family, friends and supporters,

For 40 years SHARE’s two large Victorian houses in downtown Ridgewood have provided comfortable, affordable homes for up to twenty-eight senior citizens. The average resident living at SHARE is 78 years old and the average length of stay is around seven years so friendships formed at SHARE are very important.

The last two years have been the most challenging years since SHARE opened its doors in 1982 because of the effect Covid-19 had on older people and the steps we had to take to battle illness and isolation. That is why we are especially pleased to see normal routines and smiles returning to the faces of our residents. Thank goodness our rooms are almost full again and our programs and volunteers are carefully coming back.

Our board is excited to share SHARE's goals, accomplishments, events and opportunities with our supporters, so stay on the look out for upcoming news about our New Year's cocktail party in January and our big 'Raise The Roof' Gala on April 27, 2023. 

We look forward to seeing you again, too!

SHARE, Inc. President,
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When you call or visit a SHARE house, you will most likely meet Kathleen, who is our Executive Director.

It takes a special person to truly care about residents and run a non-profit efficiently and effectively. Kathleen does this and so much more. And she does it while keeping everyone -- residents, staff, families and community-members -- happy.

Her first career was in public education where she worked for 25 years and became the technology coordinator for a local school system. Simultaneously, Kathleen taught computer technology to adults at a community school for over 20 years.

After Kathleen retired, she started her own business teaching adults computer skills.
Then, two and a half years ago, she came to SHARE as an assistant executive director.

All of Kathleen’s prior experiences made her an excellent choice. It was our good fortune that she recognized a need to develop a SHARE computer network domain. When the pandemic hit, we were already working remotely. And she made it possible for us to dramatically improve our record-keeping and systems processes, which allows us to better meet the needs of residents, staff, board members, families and volunteers. It also allows us to better meet our financial and legal obligations.

Kathleen's other priorities are kindness, patience, organization, networking and interior design. On top of everything else, her wonderful husband, Stephen, is always by her side, lending a hand to anyone in need.

Her hobbies are her grandchildren, her dog (Sunny), her friends,
and hiking, biking & fishing!

SHARE has always relied on volunteering to support its mission. Twenty founding families opened SHARE's first house on Cottage Place in 1982. Back then, only resident's families took care of everything. For just a few years, there was no paid staff (see photo below).

Today, the SHARE houses have two full-time and three part-time staff members and hundreds of volunteers! 
Part-time volunteers come from civic organizations, scout troops, houses of worship, schools and village departments like the library and parks & recreation. Full-time volunteers comprise our board and several committees.

Georgetta Walsh is a veteran volunteer at SHARE. She loves to help others, and she loves the magic of intergenerational experiences. 
A few years after her son, Luke, was born, Georgetta discovered volunteering at The Bergen Volunteer Center and connected with a senior citizen, who had vision impairment. Their wonderful association lasted for seven years until the woman’s death. Georgetta took courses in gerontology at Rutgers University and worked at the Salvation Army’s community center with young children for many years. Then, Georgetta came to SHARE, where she has volunteered ever since, working six years as board secretary, two years as chairperson for charitable giving, and now, as a "friendly visitor."
Georgetta explains, “I think I must be an old soul, because I’m in my true element with seniors. I love to get to know them and learn about their lives and spread good cheer. I love the fact that SHARE allows elders a simpler life – one where they have companionship, safety, and hopefully joy as they reach life’s third stage, elderhood. Life is precious and is meant to be shared with the community.”

Pasquale has lived at SHARE since 2010 and has always been a steady, positive force, adding a cool calmness to the atmosphere.

Like so many of SHARE’s residents, Pasquale’s childhood was set against the backdrop of the great depression as well as the great jazz age, growing up in tough but exciting times.
Pasquale may not talk much about his childhood, but he likes to recall stories about the musical giants he came to know as a teenager. Similarly, he may not talk much about his career working as a graphic artist in New York City, but he enjoys talking about his twelve years living at SHARE!
Friends and family members would tell you that Pasquale is thoughtful, reliable, and outgoing. He’s one of the people who greets you at the Prospect Street door when you ring the bell. Many have come to depend on his equanimity! He’s one of the people who knows when someone's not well and tends to their needs. He's social and makes friends easily. And we rely on him to cue up jazz daily on the living room tv.

Pasquale, like his music, lends a certain harmony to the lives of everyone at SHARE!
Group Shot from 2019
Group Shot from 2019
Group Shot from 2019
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