I would like to pause and tell you how wonderful it was to meet each and every one of you and how grateful I am that we all made it to see another year. All of you gave me the confirmation needed to go harder and bigger for 2 INSPIRE PEACE which is why I want to make sure to keep in touch with all of you who have inspired me. THANK YOU!
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nikisha Patton Handy. I'm an educator, wife, mother, and strong advocate for attaining peace to discover the power within yourself and how that power can impact your family and community.
Less than a year ago, I was in a deep dark place. I was a people pleaser who did not love myself and didn't know my purpose, power, or worth. But, through healing myself through the use of mindfulness, I have taken back my life and become the strongest and most beautiful person than I have ever been. So, I want to share this gift with the world.

So, let's talk about what MINDFULNESS is...........

The Power of MIndfulness
Mindfulness is noticing what is happening as it happens without judging what's going on. Being aware of the present makes us empowered to control our futures.

Mindfulness can be practiced in a number of ways, however let's start with the breath. Please click on the link below to begin.

One Last Thing.........
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Happy to Help!
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Unitl next time,
Peace and Blessings!
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