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Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is a non-profit, completely volunteer-driven organization dedicated  to saving and re-homing Bulldogs with loving families.
Hundreds of Bulldogs are lost, abandoned, taken to animal shelters, or surrende red to rescue every year. Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue accepts Bulldogs whose owners can no longer keep them, and retrieves Bulldogs from shelters and undesirable situations. Our Bulldogs are placed in suitable homes as soon as reasonably possible.

Checking In With Bella Bailey - Now Cricket
We lost Ajax, our beloved golden retriever of 11 years, on July 10th.  I was completely devastated and thought it would be a long time before I was ready to get another dog.  After a month of emptiness in our home, I wanted to find another companion.  I had been a long time follower of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and one of their dogs had really caught my attention.  
I decided to apply for adoption after I couldn't get her sweet face out of my head. We were approved, but sadly weren't a match for the sweet girl I had my eye on.  We were, however, matched with another sweet girl.  Our initial meeting with her was great.  She was everything I wanted.  I picked Cricket up two days later, both very excited and apprehensive.  

Getting a new dog was something we hadn't done in 11 years and she was a stranger to us.  I knew there would be an adjustment period, but had no idea of just how difficult the adjustment would be.  For the first two days, she refused to use the bathroom anywhere except in her crate.  On the third day, she used the bathroom twice on the sofa and had numerous accidents on the
carpet.  We read everything we could find.  We
reached out to the rescue for advice.  We tried everything we could think of.  I sat outside with her one night for 5 hours waiting for her to go.  In typical bulldog fashion, she slept.  We came back in the house and she immediately used the bathroom in her crate.  None of the typical potty training techniques were working.  She showed no interest in treats, toys, or her bed.  

Our lives were turned upside down.  I was so frustrated with her and very upset.  It was a
reminder of just how seamlessly Ajax had fit in our lives.  I decided that I would try for one more week, and if she didn't show any signs of improvement, we were giving her back.  Finally, after 5 days, she went outside.  I was ecstatic!  She was still having accidents in the house, but at least we were finally getting somewhere.  

Fast forward 4 months.  Cricket is still with us. She isn't quite where I would like her to be.  She still occasionally has accidents in the house and her crate.  She still hasn't fully explored the house.  She doesn't feel comfortable anywhere except the living room and kitchen and has only ventured upstairs a few times.  She doesn't really play with toys.  She sometimes has to be coaxed to interact with the family.  But she has made massive strides forward.  

She loves walks and car rides more than any dog I've ever seen.  She loves treats.  She decided to try out her bed after 3 months and now it's her favorite place.  She has started taking ownership in the house and now barks at the garbage man.  And just last week she used the bathroom while on her leash.  I can see little doors in her brain  open as she makes new discoveries.  She is funny, quirky, sweet, sensitive, and lazy and I love her.  

There isn't anything anyone could have said 
that would have prepared me for how difficult this journey would be.  Not only does she need to learn standard dog things like sit and down, she has to learn to live in a house with a family and UNLEARN habits she developed after years as a mill dog.  Patience and perseverance is the only thing that has gotten us this far and keeping her was one of the best decisions I've made.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

Meet Iris

Please welcome 4-year-old Iris to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! She's cute as a button, as sweet as can be and small enough to carry in a tote bag (not that we would do that!).

Iris has really come out of her shell. For the most part, she has gotten over the fears of being in a new environment and around new people. She loves to play with other dogs, and enjoys a good nap in our lap. Iris does have difficulty with her vision, and can still be easily startled. Because of this, we believe she would do best in a family without small children. Iris feels safe in a crate, but is not yet fully crate trained. She also does have the occasional accident inside the house, but she is working hard on this. Iris is incredibly sweet and wants nothing more than a loving family to call her own. Iris has put on a couple pounds, but she just says she is "big boned."  She is a champion napper, and gets along great with all other dogs. Other than her dry eyes, Iris is healthy and ready to be adopted.

Helpful Resources...

Do you have problems with your dog's behavior? Is there too much barking, resource guarding, acting out?  Do you wish you knew how to handle more situations when they arise? Here are some local and online resources we recommend.

Scott Sheaffer, CDBC, CPDT-KA, is a dog behavior specialist certified by the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants). He is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and specializes in the assessment and treatment of problem dog behaviors in dogs six months and older. Scott works with our dogs who exhibit behavior issues beyond what the foster can handle. Scott also has a monthly email newsletter that many of us subscribe to. We highly recommend him.

ASPCAPro has a host of tools, tips and webinars.  https://www.aspcapro.org

The Bulldog Club of America  http://www.bulldogclubofamerica.org

Bulldogs World  http://www.bulldogsworld.com

Bulldog Information Library  http://www.bulldoginformation.com

Upcoming Events

Shady's Burgers & Brewhaha in Richardson (2701 Custer Parkway #915, Richardson)
January 14, from 3 until 6 p.m.

BRING YOUR HUNGER: Shady's will be donating 15% of all food purchases back to our program! 

To read more about Shady's, visit http://shadysburgers.com/.

Many thanks to Scott, Suzy and all of our friends at Shady's for agreeing to host this get-together for us. We're looking forward to sharing a bite and raising our glasses to our beloved Bulldogs!

Cold Beer Company in Deep Ellum (3600 Main St., Dallas)
February 11, from 1 until 4 p.m.

You'll also be able to meet some of our volunteers to learn more about our program and ask your Bulldog-specific questions. Plus, you'll be able to purchase one of our T-shirts to support and raise awareness of our mission of saving Bulldogs. 

To read more about Cold Beer Company, check out http://www.coldbeerco.com/.

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Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is a 501(c)3 Charity
Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue relies solely on contributions from the public  and proceeds from its fundraising efforts. Because we are a non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

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Some of Our Available  Bulldogs
In 2017 We Adopted 163 Bulldogs!

Luna  (Age 6)

Genesis  (Age 3)

Maybelline  (7 Mo.)

Tyson  (Age 3)

Bubba Brody  (Age 3)

Homer  (Age 3)

Tango  (Age 1)

Thor  (Age 3)

Paris  (Age 6)

Jack Frost  (Age 6)

Sophie Lynn  (Age 2)

Colossus (Age 4)

Tessa  (Age 7)

Owen  (Age 3)

Vinny  (Age 7)

Tank  (Age 7)

Laura  (Age 7)

Consider Becoming a Foster Family 
Our ability to rescue dogs from undesirable conditions is limited by the foster homes available. We always need more caring homes in the metroplex to help these precious dogs begin a new life. For more information on how you can get involved, visit our Volunteer page on our website.

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