Bulldog Spotlight:
Brothers-Toro & Smalls

Toro and Smalls joined rescue a few months ago! 

Some say we are old, but they have not seen us run and play. After all, age is just a number. To us it is a state of mind. And our minds say we are still pups, so we act like it. We are both 9 years old.

Our family loved us very much and we have lived with them most of our lives. But they were losing their house and had no place to go. So they wanted to make sure we had a place to go and they contacted rescue.

I am Toro—the Bull. I am the bigger of the two (62 lbs.). I was in very good health, except I had some hurting and rotten teeth removed when I first arrived. We both had to be neutered. Some say I have the world’s longest tongue, but I can get it all in my mouth if I want to.

I am Smalls, the smaller of the pair (46 lbs.). I whined and cried at the clinic when they took my brother away to give him a bath. I am so glad I get to stay with him now. I also had some dental work done, but the rest of me is in pretty good shape.

Everyone says we are a blast to be around. We are just two happy and lucky guys looking for a new forever home.

From the Foster Parents: Toro and Smalls have a convincing way to ensure you don’t get up from the couch. Foster Mom uses this excuse daily, so Foster Dad will get everything for her. She just couldn’t bare to disturb them. These boys may be older, but they will play until I can’t play anymore! They are such good cuddle buddies.

We really hope and plan to adopt these boys together. They deserve to live out their lives together and have plenty of fun and life to give a family.

For more information on these boys, check their profiles on our website: Toro; Smalls