2024 Commit to Fit BootCamp!


Since I see you all the time for months in a row, I have to tell you that while a vacation feels nice, I am missing you, our routine and our dark and early mornings! Let's welcome some newcomers and get back to our routine together.

We kick off next Tuesday, January 9th at our usual times with all details listed below. Our session is 20 weeks long this time and it won't be the same without you!

Exercise not only changes your body but it changes your outlook, your energy and your journey. Join us and you will be surrounded by others who motivate you, care about you and inspire you as well as an instructor who keeps the workouts fresh, different and challenging.

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Tell me about your success with our December Challenge! How did it work for you? What seemed challenging and what felt great? Do you plan to continue any of it in the months ahead at home? I'm a BIG advocate of working on getting more steps of any kind into your day. Our January challenge will include take more steps intentionally than you do regularly. Congrats on working through last months challenge.

I plan to do monthly challenges together in the months ahead with lots of different incentives, beyond the incentive of pushing hard, gaining strength and integrating movement into your daily life whether at class or not! I hope you were successful in adding a little bit extra to your workouts in your December challenge time. Watch for our January challenge starting the 9th!

I want to thank each of you who attended my Fall session at any of our in person or online classes. I love knowing you and working with you. I really appreciate your generosity towards me in general, but during the holidays especially. You are some of the hardest working, kindest humans I know. Many of you have given me generous gifts of your time, energy, finances and advice. Many of you helped support non profits I care about, both the teenagers I serve as a Youth Pastor and the people at Casitas Tiny Homes this holiday season. Thank you so much for your trust and your extravagant giving. Let's keep being a sweaty community together!

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I do not have a ton of space left for personal training but if it is something that interests you, please email and I can see if we can partner you up with someone else I continue to do regular training with or get your name on my waiting list as things will open up as the winter continues.

I can't wait to see you all on January 9th. Happy New Year!

Lisa Jacobs


[email protected]