Issue 99 | July 2019
National Natural Family Planning(NFP) Awareness Week
July 21 – July 27, 2019
Diocesan Pregnancy Support
If you or someone you know of is pregnant, and in need of support, Catholic Charities and Catholic Health Services, can provide assistance.
Please contact: 1 (855) 301-4CHS or visit
Women's Health & Fertility Comprehensive, Cooperative: A Unique New Approach to Women's Health and Wellness
Our highly skilled team is delighted to offer an exciting approach to women's health care. We provide preventive and specialized obstetrical and gynecologic care to women, honoring their dignity and the sanctity of human life.
If you or someone you know of is pregnant Catholic Charities and Catholic Health Services, can provide assistance please contact
1 (855) 301-4CHS or visit 
Gianna Center Fertility Awareness Classes
Free Introductory Fertility Care Class For PreCana Couples

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings at 7:00pm
at Gianna Center for Women's Health & Fertility
661 Deer Park Avenue Babylon NY
To Register for your class: or cal 631-376-3232
Gabriel's Courage
Catholic Health Services 
A program for families expecting a child with a life limiting illness. Gabriel's Courage is a family-centered perinatal program, offering a multidisciplinary team approach and continuum of care for families who choose to continue a pregnancy after receiving a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis. Read more
Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center
Mother’s Circle of Hope Support Group
Coping With Depression or Anxiety During Pregnancy or After the Birth of Your Baby? Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center is proud to offer to the local community a support group.
Project Rachel
Hope After Abortion
Do you know someone who is suffering abortion loss? Project Rachel is a ministry about finding hope and healing after abortion. 

For more information, visit the Project Rachel Hope
After Abortion   website , call the Respect Life Office's confidential phoneline: 1-888-456-HOPE(se habla espanol) 
1-516-766 2538, email  to begin healing after abortion loss. 

 En Español:
Upcoming Opportunity for Prayer and Healing
Day of Prayer and Healing for Women

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Please register by Monday, November 4, 2019
All reservations and information will remain confidential.
An Evening of Prayer for Men Suffering
Abortion Loss

Fall 2019 Date to Be Announced

 All reservations and information will remain confidential.
Latest News
End-of-Session Round-Up
Respect for Human Life

Reproductive Health Act: Tragically, early in session, the late-term abortion expansion act pushed for several years by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, passed both houses on January 22 and was signed into law the same day, becoming the most permissive abortion law in the country at the time. More than 20,000 New Yorkers have signed a petition to repeal the law.

Physician-Assisted Suicide: In an important pro-life victory, advocates for the legalization of physician-assisted suicide failed to get a vote on the bill in any committee in either house, despite Gov. Cuomo indicating his support for the first time. The Conference, and our allies in the NY Alliance Against Assisted Suicide, were successful in highlighting the many dangerous consequences of such a policy. Interestingly, both houses passed a number of bills designed to prevent suicide for specific vulnerable populations, such as black and Latina youth, people living in rural areas, veterans, etc.

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers: Several bills that threatened the free speech rights of pro-life pregnancy centers advanced out of committees this session, but ultimately did not receive a floor vote in either house. Read more
Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act Resource Page
The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (BAASPA) is a bill to protect the lives of babies born during or after an abortion attempt. It insists that doctors must provide the same care as he/she would for any other child born at that same gestational age if an abortion had not been attempted. It also requires the newborn to be immediately transferred to a hospital, thus ensuring the baby is provided with appropriate neonatal care outside the influence of the provider who was paid to end his/her life.

While surviving an abortion is rare, survivors have poignantly told their stories before Congress and urged lawmakers to take a greater interest in protecting other children who are at risk of being killed or allowed to die because they were intended to be aborted.
Learn More | Take Action | For more information visit or
Information on Abortion Expansion Legislation (Reproductive Health Act)
Sign the Petition to Repeal the Abortion Law

Express your firm opposition to New York's new abortion law by the signing the petition to Governor Andrew Cuomo. Urge him and the legislature to repeal the radical new law in its entirety. Read More
Legislative Roll Call on Abortion Expansion Legislation
(Reproductive Health Act)
See how your legislator voted, and send a message to your elected officials about their vote.
Abortion Expansion Legislation
(Reproductive Health Act) Analysis of the Bill
View a a full analysis of the Abortion Expansion Legislation
(Reproductive Health Act)
Ways for You to Get Involved
Consider how you can give a greater witness to the truth that we are all created in God’s image.
Take action on public policy matters in New York State through the New York State Catholic Conference's Catholic Action Network (CAN) .
See below for a list of current issues for you to learn more and to take action.
  • Support Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers - Legislation designed to intimidate and silence pro-life pregnancy centers has passed through a Senate Committee. The bill, S.2264 would force pregnancy centers to disclose to prospective clients the services they do not provide (i.e. abortion), or face stiff penalties.
  • Sign the Petition to Repeal the Abortion Law - Express your firm opposition to New York's new abortion law by signing the petition to Governor Andrew Cuomo. Urge him and the legislature to repeal the radical new law in its entirety. Sign it today and share it with your friends.
  • Express your view on abortion expansion - Now that the legislature has passed and enacted the Abortion Expansion Act, we must hold our lawmakers accountable. Please use the message form below to let your elected officials know how you feel about how they voted.
Take action on legislative issues through the The National Committee for a Human Life Amendment (NCHLA)
Respect Life Program Article
10 Ways to Support Her When She's Unexpectedly Expecting
I had been brought up to believe that life is always a gift, but it certainly didn't feel like one when I gazed in shock at a positive pregnancy test. As a mom who had my first baby in college, I know that an unexpected pregnancy can sometimes bring fear, shame, and doubt.

However, I also know that an unexpected pregnancy can bring joy, excitement, awe, gratitude, and deeper love than I knew was possible—not to mention the little bundle who inspires these sentiments! About nine months after looking at that pregnancy test, I received the very best gift I have ever been given: my daughter, Maria*.

An unexpected pregnancy might be confusing along the way, but life—though at times difficult—is ultimately beautiful. Perhaps one of your friends has become pregnant unexpectedly. As someone who has been there, I encourage you to support your friend in her new journey of being a mother.

Not sure how to help or what to say? Here are ten tips:
July 26, 2019
Memorial of Saints Joachim and Anne, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Jesus said to his disciples:
"Hear the parable of the sower.
The seed sown on the path is the one who hears the word of the Kingdom
without understanding it,
and the Evil One comes and steals away
what was sown in his heart.
The seed sown on rocky ground
is the one who hears the word and receives it at once with joy.
But he has no root and lasts only for a time.
When some tribulation or persecution comes because of the word,
he immediately falls away.

Read Complete Gospel
MT 13:18-23

Saints Anne and Joachim, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, are powerful intercessors for all married couples, expectant mothers, and married couples who are having difficulty conceiving, as well as those who are aging. 

Novena to Saints Anne and Joachim
July 2019
Memorial of Memorial of Saint Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor of the Church
Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.. MT 5:10
This series of courses is designed for teachers, catechists and interested adults.
Refresh Your Knowledge, Renew Your Faith, Retain time for fun in the sun!
Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene
Tell us Mary, what did you see on the way? I saw the glory of the risen Christ, I saw his empty tomb.
Feast of Saint James, Apostle
I chose you from the world,
to go and bear fruit that will last, says the Lord. JN 15:16
Memorial of Saints Joachim and Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Blessed are they who have kept the word with a generous heart
and yield a harvest through perseverance. LK 8:15
Memorial of Saint Martha
I am the light of the world, says the Lord; whoever follows me will have the light of life. JN 8:12
Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Priest
I call you my friends, says the Lord,
for I have made known to you all that the Father has told me. JN 15:15B
All scripture taken from the USCCB Daily Readings
Word of Life - English       
Including a Prayer for a  Mother Before Childbirth and Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary for an Expectant Mother 

Please include these in your Sunday Bulletin.  
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