May 2021 - Welcome Issue
Welcome to the first issue of Around The Place!
Hello Regency Place Resident

Welcome to the first issue of "Around The Place" - a Regency Place resident-directed monthly eNewsletter dedicated to promote community engagement, gain community feedback on issues important to all residents and provide information on issues relevant to Regency Place residents.

"Around The Place" is developed following the feedback of homeowners and neighbors within the community who expressed an interest in receiving a monthly communication that will keep them informed about what's happening within the community.

This resident-to-resident eNews is solely managed by a group of volunteers within the Regency Place neighborhood who have donated their time, knowledge, expertise and resources for the benefit of the community.

Meet the Volunteer Newsletter Team
Around The Place eNewsletter volunteer team include the following residents (left to right): Manjula Rigg; Maxine Parker; Leroy Parker and Brack Dodd.

The Newsletter Team is responsible for establishing newsletter rules and guidelines, developing content, engaging with residents for feedback, and making sure the newsletter meets the community expectations and needs.
April 2021 HOA Board Meeting Highlights
For the convenience of our residents who are unable to attend monthly board meetings, Around The Place will highlight relevant discussions and actions taken at the board meeting so you are informed about what is happening within your community. The following are highlights from the April 17, 2021 HOA Board Meeting.
Regency Place Homeowners Website Gets a New Look

The Regency Place Homeowners Association website received a facelift recently. The website was redesigned to be more user friendly; easy to navigate on your desktop, tablet or mobile devices; updated with relevant HOA documents, forms and applications; and to ensure residents are informed.

Go to and check out the new and improved Regency Place Homeowners website!
HOA Board Considers Building an Additional Structure Next to the Pool

Board members are considering building a 24X20 ft. structure next to the community pool to serve as a storage building to house HOA records, holiday decorations, and other HOA items that are presently being housed in various members' homes.

Board vice-president Chuck Holland shared a copy of the proposed building plan at the meeting and indicated that the board is in the initial stages of discussion with architects and contractors - and a final copy of the building plan and more information will be shared with homeowners as they become available.
Board Approves Power Washing Bid

Board members approved a bid for power washing Regency Place community concrete walls and vinyl fence, and the pool deck as part of community maintenance efforts.

Homeowners can expect written notification from the HOA, if the power washing efforts will require access to their backyards.
Spike Strips at Regency Place Exit Gate To Be Replaced

Board members approved to replace Spike Strips at the Regency Place exit gates as part of their community maintenance efforts.

Board members also reminded homeowners to follow the speed limit posted at the exit gate when driving over the spike strips to avoid damage to vehicles.

Question of the Month
Residents' Question of the Month
Got a Question? We'll Get the Answers.

The Question of the Month section is focused on helping community members get clear and concise answers to relevant questions related to HOA rules, covenants, guidelines and the community. The answers are shared in this newsletter to provide consistent information to all homeowners and residents. Residents are encouraged to submit your questions. Around the Place eNews Team will review all submitted questions for relevancy and will strive to provide accurate information.
Question of the Month
Will the HOA tow my vehicle in violation of the overnight parking rule without giving me any warnings? If and when my vehicle is towed, who do I call to get my vehicle back?
There is No Parking on the streets from 11pm to 7am. The HOA will provide warning notices to residents who violate the overnight parking rule to inform them of the violation. If residents continue to violate the rule, your vehicle may be towed. If your vehicle is towed, you can contact Webb's Towing at 863.967.2354 to recover your vehicle.
Guest Corner - Share your ideas, tips and interests!

Have an interest? Are you a Master Gardener? Perhaps interior decorating, home remodeling, arts & craft, cooking or carpentry is more to your liking. Share your tips and ideas with your fellow residents. Guest Corner is dedicated for residents who want to share their interest and likes with fellow residents. Email and let us know what you'd like to share.
Around The Place is a resident-directed monthly eNews dedicated to promote community engagement, gain community feedback on issues important to all residents and provide information on issues relevant to Regency Place residents. This eNewsletter is NOT funded by the HOA.

Around The Place is solely managed by a group of resident volunteers within the Regency Place community who have donated their time, money, and expertise for the benefit of the resident. All rights are reserved.