June 18, 2018
First-Year Student

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Important Dates & Deadlines         
June 18
Course timetable is released on SOLUS with all offered Fall and Winter courses listed (so you can see what classes are available when, but you CAN'T register yet)

July 2 
Canada Day holiday- University Closed

July 3
Course Registration 101 Webinar @ 7:00pm EST register here

July 4
Course Registration 101 Webinar @ 4:00pm EST register here

July 5
Course Registration 101 Webinar @ 5:00pm EST register here

July 9
View Enrolment appointment time in SOLUS and Shopping Cart opens.
Course Registration 101 Webinar @ 6:00pm EST register here

July 10
Course Registration 101 Webinar @ 1:00pm EST register here

July 12-15
Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources (SOAR) register here

July 16
1st year Enrolment appointment times for Science students (BSCH/BCMPH) 
Extended first-year advising from 4-7pm EST

July 17
1st year Enrolment appointment times for Arts students (BAH/BFAH/BMUS) 
Extended first-year advising from 4-7pm EST

July 23
Reserves on 1st year courses are removed at 12:00pm EST

Aug 3
Class selection ends

Please note this will be the last correspondence you will receive to your personal email, please check your Queen's email from this point forward.
8 Steps to Registration Checklist
Choosing your courses may seem a bit scary but don't worry. If you follow our easy steps to help you register, you'll find that enrolling in your courses isn't as scary as you may think.

Read the Arts and Science 101 HandbookThis handy and essential guidebook will explain everything you need to know about Arts and Science, your degree program, your degree plan, and course selection. The handbook will answer questions such as: How any courses do I take each year? What courses should I take? When do I enrol in courses?

Optional- Register for an upcoming Course Registration 101 Webinar,  attend SOAR, or complete the online quiz to see if you understand what you need to do. 

Optional- If you have questions you can call our first-year hotline at 613-533-6708 and speak with a Registration Assistant, or message us on LiveChat.

Optional- Join the Queen's University Class of 2022 Facebook  group to "meet" your peers and get advice from upper year students.

Access SOLUS  on June 18 to view the course timetable. The course timetable lists all the courses that will be offered in the Fall and Winter Terms. This is your first opportunity to start planning your timetable.

Access SOLUS on July 9 to start filling your "shopping cart" with courses you want to take. Remember to click the "validate" button to check for timetable conflicts. This is also a good time to view and take note of your enrolment appointment time. Your enrolment appointment time is your designated start time for enrolling in your courses (date and time specific to each student).

 Finish enrolling in your courses when your enrolment appointment time begins. 
-First-year BSCH and BCMPH enrolment appointment times will be on July 16;
-First-year BAH, BFAH, BMUS enrolment appointment times will be on July 17.

Check, change, and print your schedule. All changes must be made by  August 3. Open enrolment begins again on  August 21 and at this time you can make changes to your courses if you need to. Make note of the deadline to add and/or drop your courses. View your SOLUS  account for tuition and other fees owing. Payment for Fall term is due  September 1.

What is SOAR and how do I register for it?
SOAR (Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources) is a one-day summer orientation program for incoming students and their support networks. The program offers structured information sessions and individual academic advising, as well as opportunities to connect with upper-year students, faculty, and staff. SOAR aims to help prepare students for new academic expectations, address questions or concerns about university like, and introduce on-campus recourses and support services. 

You can learn more and register for SOAR here.

June 18th- All you need to know

The course timetable is released on June 18th, and can be accessed through  SOLUS. You will be able to see all courses being offered for the Fall and Winter terms, as well as the timings. To determine what courses are recommended for you, use our Arts and Science 101 Handbook (pages 13-23). From here you can use the example timetables on our website and search the courses on SOLUS to find the timings and start planning your Fall and Winter schedules. Reminder you cannot add courses to your Shopping Cart on SOLUS until July 9th. 

For Con-Ed students please refer to page 9 for the courses you will be automatically enrolled in.
For Kinesiology, Music, and Fine Art students please refer to page 10 for the courses you will be automatically enrolled in.

If you would like help deciding what courses to take, or organizing your schedule, you can call the First-Year hotline at 613-533-6708, or message us on LiveChat.
First-Year Courses  2018-2019

Courses in Art History such as Art in the West from Antiquity to Modernity

Courses in Biology such as Biology of Cells

Courses in Classics such as Archeology

Courses in Computing such as Elementary Computer Animation

Courses in Environmental Studies such as Environment and Sustainability

Courses in Film and Media such as Film, Culture, and Communication

Courses in Gender Studies such as Gender, Race, and Popular Culture

Courses in Geography and Planning such as Human Geography

Courses in Geology such as The Dynamic Earth

Courses in Global Development Studies such as Canada and the 'Third World' 

Courses in Health Studies such as Physical Determinants of Health 

Courses in History such as The Making of the Modern World 

Courses in Languages such as Japanese 

Courses in Mathematics and Statistics such as Differential and Integral Calculus

Courses in Music such as Wind Ensemble 

Courses in Philosophy such as The State and Citizen 

Courses in Religious Studies such as Contemporary Problems in Religion and Culture

Plus Arts courses in Drama, Economics, English, French, Political Studies, Psychology and Sociology; along with additional Science courses in Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics.

See a full list of first-year courses and descriptions here.

What is SOLUS?
SOLUS is a gaelic word that means "knowledge and light." It also stands for "Student Online University System."  The SOLUS Student Centre is designed to provide you with the tools to anage all of your academic, financial, contact, and admission details during and after your academic career at Queen's. You can access SOLUS here.

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