June 18, 2018
First-Year Student

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Important Dates & Deadlines         
June 18

July 2 
Canada Day holiday- University Closed

July 9
View Enrolment appointment time in SOLUS and Shopping Cart opens

July 11
Course Registration Webinar for BISC students @ 7:30pm EST register here

July 13
Enrolment appointment times for all BISC students
Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources (SOAR) register here

July 14
Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources (SOAR) register here

Aug 3
Class selection ends

Please note this is the last correspondence you will receive to your personal account, please check your Queen's email from this point forward.
7 Steps to Registration Checklist
Choosing your courses may seem a bit scary but don't worry. If you follow our easy steps to help you register, you'll find that enrolling in your courses isn't as stressful as it may appear.

Read the BISC First Year Course Registration Manual

Attend SOAR. For those who are unable to attend SOAR in person, register for the course registration webinar on July 11.

Optional-If you have questions you can call our F irst-Year hotline at 613-533-6708 and speak with a Registration Assistant, or message us on LiveChat.
Optional- Join the Queen's University Class of 2022 Facebook  group to "meet" your peers and get advice from upper year students. BISC students can also join the Welcome to Your Castle 2018-2019 Facebook group to connect with BISC Student Services staff and your new Castle classmates.

Access SOLUS on July 9  to start filling your "shopping cart" with courses you want to take. Remember to click the "validate" button to check for timetable conflicts.
 Enrol in courses once your enrolment appointment time begins on July 13. All BISC students start their enrolment times on July 13. Since your do not need to be concerned about the timetable (the BISC will do this for you!), you should be able to enrol in all your desired courses for your degree program (Arts or Science). No first come, first served for you - everyone will be able to enrol in the courses that they are eligible for. 
Check, change, and review your course selections. All changes must be made by  August 3. Read and Review the BISC checklist, making sure that you have submitted all the necessary documentation for your arrival in the UK.  View your SOLUS  account for tuition and other fees owing. Payment for Fall term is due  September 1.
What is SOAR and how do I register for it?
SOAR (Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources) is a one-day summer orientation program for incoming students and their support networks. The program offers structured information sessions and individual academic advising, as well as opportunities to connect with upper-year students, faculty, and staff. SOAR aims to help prepare students for new academic expectations, address questions or concerns about university like, and introduce on-campus recourses and support services. 

You can learn more and register for SOAR here.

June 18th- All you need to know

The course timetable is released on June 18th, and can be accessed through  SOLUS. You will be able to see all courses being offered for the Fall and Winter terms. To determine what courses are recommended for you use our BISC First-Year Course Registration Manual. From here you can search the BISC courses on SOLUS to find the offerings and start planning your Fall and Winter course plan. Reminder you cannot add courses to your Shopping Cart on SOLUS until July 9th and BISC 100 and BISC 101 will be automatically added for you. Remember to change the "Campus" default from "Main" to "Bader International Study Ctr" in your class searches or you will have a very long commute to class!
For Con-Ed, students will be automatically enrolled in PROF 110 and PRAC 110.

If you would like help deciding what courses to take, or organizing your schedule, you can call the First-Year hotline at 613-533-6708, or message us on LiveChat.
First-Year Courses  2018-2019
For all BISC students: Thinking Locally, Acting Globally (BISC 100 and 101) plus choose from the following options offered at the Castle.

What is SOLUS?
SOLUS is a gaelic word that means "knowledge and light." It also stands for "Student Online University System."  The SOLUS Student Centre is designed to provide you with the tools to anage all of your academic, financial, contact, and admission details during and after your academic career at Queen's. You can access SOLUS here.

Chat with us here.


To book an Advising Appointment, call us at (613) 533-2470 or visit:

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