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Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders, Principal · Lower Elementary School
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Dear Parents,

This year in Bais Yaakov Lower Elementary we will partner with you to instill in each girl a sense of " Kavod " - Dignity and Poise within their lives! We will focus on providing each one of our students a love of learning and enhancing their positive and productive expectations for a great year. Exploring your daughter's talents, gifts and potential will be our primary goal and we will personally care about her success in and out of the classroom.

The following important information is included in this email. 
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We pledge to give our very best efforts to each and every single Neshama trusted to us over the upcoming school year! We also salute our Rabbanim, Lay leadership and our entire dedicated faculty, specifically all our teachers, the heroines of Chinuch, who discharge their responsibility to connect with their students using dedication, kindness and respect.

Thank you for being a phenomenal group of parents who volunteer and dedicate so much of your time and resources to help make this school able to thrive! We appreciate you entrusting your daughters under our care and look forward to providing the warm, caring and happy educational environment where your daughters will IY"H flourish.

We look forward to greeting you tomorrow morning.

Wishing you much Nachas, Mazel and Hatzlacha this year! May our entire Baltimore community be zoche to a Ksiva Ve'Chasima Tova - Bsoch Shaar Klal Yisrael!
Rabbi Yitzchok Sanders 
Mrs. Liora Rosen
Limudei Kodesh

Mrs. Miriam Trout
Preschool Director
Mrs. Molly Horwitz
General Studies

Mrs. Etty Wolf
Assistant Preschool Director