CVCA’s New Learning Management System

As you probably noticed, there are many changes at CVCA this year. One of those changes involves our new Learning Management System (LMS) called “Canvas.” Canvas acts as the digital hub of the classroom. Assignments, assessments, discussions, worksheets, projects, and more can be distributed, graded, and collected via Canvas. As parents, you can access your child’s grades, upcoming assignments, and other important information via Canvas. While some of those functionalities were available through ParentsWeb (RenWeb) in the past, Canvas is much more flexible, functional, and customizable.

We are adding Canvas for two main reasons: First, using an LMS gives our teachers access to a wide variety of digital tools that enhance student learning and classroom instruction. Second, the vast majority of colleges/universities now use an LMS, and increasing numbers of businesses are also using digital tools to manage their employees‘ workflow. We believe that using a robust LMS now will further prepare our students for college and beyond.

Some of you are already familiar with Canvas because your student participated in the 8th grade pilot program last year. If your child was an 8th grader at CVCA last year and you created a parent account then, you do not have to sign up for Canvas this year. You can simply use the account you used last year to login to Canvas. If you did not registered for an account last year, you can do so following these instructions

For all other parents (if your child was not a CVCA 8th grader last year), please follow the instructions outlined in this account creation/login video . The video will walk you through the necessary steps for creating a parent account in Canvas and then logging in to access that account.

Once you have created an account, this is the website you will use to access Canvas: . We recommend bookmarking the website for ease of access. Be sure not to include “www” at the front of the address.

One of the strengths of Canvas from a parent and student perspective is that you can customize the amount of information you receive from Canvas and choose the method in which you receive that information. After you set up and log in to your account, this video walks you through the process of customizing your notification settings.

Some of you may be wondering if you can still use ParentsWeb as you have in past years. The answer is a qualified “yes.” You will likely still receive some communications from CVCA through ParentsWeb (RenWeb), as certain CVCA functions (e.g. report cards/transcripts, student discipline) will still pass through ParentsWeb. Also, you will still be able to access grade information in ParentsWeb since ParentsWeb and Canvas “talk” to each other via a nightly sync. However, please keep in mind that the grade information in ParentsWeb might be up to 24 hours out-of-date when compared to the information in Canvas. Also, teachers will no longer be entering homework assignments in ParentsWeb. Beginning this year, access to that information will only be available through Canvas.

There is a Canvas app that parents can download for their smartphone (iOS or Android), but it is currently having difficulty syncing with our Canvas account. I recommend waiting two weeks before you give the smartphone app a try.

If you have questions about Canvas or need assistance after watching the videos, feel free to send an email to . Thanks for your help and patience in this as we make this transition.

In Christ,
Jordan Samsonas