The Gunpowder Falls Newsletter

Upcoming District Meetings:

Tuesday, December 6th: Gunpowder Commissioner and Committee Meeting

Immanuel Baptist Church

5041 Bucks School House Rd.

White Marsh, MD 21237

7:30pm- 9 PM

Tuesday, December 13th :

Gunpowder Roundtable

Immanuel Baptist Church

5041 Bucks School House Rd.

White Marsh, MD 21237

7pm- 9 PM

Upcoming Events:

2022 Jingle Beaver Day at Broad Creek

Saturday, December 17th, 8:30am-5pm rain or shine

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Gunpowder Falls Klondike at Broad Creek

January 13th 7:00pm - January15th 9:00pm

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Commissioners Corner

Fellow Scouters,

November is a month of remembrance and thanksgiving. We make sure we have wood ready for the fire and prepare for long nights ahead. It is also the time for rechartering and this season has been an interesting one. Many of our Units are with United Methodist Churches and their position on rechartering has been fluid. The good news is that this week the UMC National Conference determined the latest version of the Charter Agreement to be acceptable - so individual churches do have that option now. The alternative is to find a new Chartered Partner - possibly with a Facilities Use Agreement if the Unit needs to keep using a UMC’s location. (The Affiliation Agreement option is NOT accepted by BAC, or by many other Councils, as it transfers ownership of all Unit Assets, Accounts etc to the Council.)

For everyone else, rechartering is much as it was last year – log in to Internet Advancement ( and use the ‘Recharter’ option to confirm the roster, route the roster for approval by the COR and pay the rechartering/membership fees. The Council’s Recharter page ( contains 6 documents to print out and complete. The Charter Agreement needs to be physically signed by the Chartered Executive, and there is a JTE form, commitment forms for FOS and Program, a Unit Function Roles form and an OA Dues form, if members of your Unit are in the OA.

As always, if you have questions about rechartering please reach out to your Unit Commissioner, or to the District Commissioner, and we will be glad to help. Our District Executives, Francesco and Sarah, are also available.

If you are done with rechartering – congratulations! Now you get to spend the holiday season preparing for a great year of program in 2023. Take a moment to ensure you are fully trained for your position, and if you are able to make an extra donation to a local food bank I know they would appreciate it!

Stay warm, be prepared!

Jon Bealer, Gunpowder Falls District Commissioner 443-761-2934

Chair's Corner

I want to start by wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and hope everyone has the opportunity to spend time with their families

It has been a fantastic start the our newly formed Gunpowder Falls District. I want to thank all of the Scouters that have volunteered and put on a quality program for our Scouts. The

Wishing all a wonderful holiday season and hoping you spend time with family. In September, the 11th annual Benjies Drive-In Camp-In was held, and in October the first Gunpowder Falls Webelos Camporee. Each event was well attended and provided great programs for out Scouts.

As we move into 2023, there are several programs being planned.  Our first Klondike Derby is scheduled for January 13-15th at Broad Creek. Also look for upcoming Merit Badge days, and in the Spring the Gunpowder Falls Camporee for our Scouts, and training opportunities for Scouters.

Each month, our commissions put on a comprehensive Roundtable program. These are held the first Tuesday of each month, and I encourage everyone to attend. By participating you can learn new ways to enhance your programs, and share your successful ideas with fellow Scouters.

Finally, please consider nominating your Scouts and Scouters for an award. This is a great way to recognize folks to their efforts and accomplishments. These will be awarded this year at our first Gunpowder Falls awards ceremony.

Thanks for all you do to support the Scouting Program, and the impact each of you have in preparing our youth for a successful future.

Chris Burton, District Chair

Gunpowder Falls District

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