July 23, 2019
Welcome to E-Connect
Hello E-Connecters,

We are ending July with a little twist to our normal E-Connect Editions. We wanted to do this to not only give you something a little different but to also let you know that E-Connect will be on summer vacation for the month of August. Our HDGH Communication team will be creativity tweaking and making some changes to this biweekly HDGH publication.

Today's E-Connect features just a few stories on how you can get involved and take action in our community, along with a feature article on the member of our team who brings these newsletters together.

Enjoy your summer! See you in September,
Maciah & Erica
Our Patients
It's in you to give
There are many reasons why Canada's Lifeline needs donors every day. The need for blood is constant, even in the summer months.

In keeping with our vision of cultivating a healthier Windsor-Essex, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare encourages our community to support all patients throughout our country by donating blood this summer.

You can view the  basic requirements  for donating.

Stop by Windsor's Blood Donor Centre on Grand Marais East to give the gift of life.
Our People
Behind the scenes of E-Connect
As you sit back with your afternoon coffee every other Tuesday reading through the latest and greatest HDGH happenings have you ever wondered who is the talented writer behind all of these stories? If so, today is your lucky day!

Meet Maciah Telfer. Maciah is a Communications Coordinator with HDGH and has been with the team since starting as an volunteer in 2015. Hearing that HDGH was in need of help with its often requested video work, the almost University of Windsor Graduate at the time, arose to the occasion and instilled her creative skillset on the small department. “When Maciah joined our team as a volunteer, I know she had potential,” explained Nicole Crozier, Manager of Communications. “Her abilities, energy, dedication and values were a perfect fit for our team. Since then, I have watched Maciah grow as she moved into her permanent position on our communications team. Over the last couple years, Maciah has became the writer and editor behind popular HDGH media like our Facebook and Twitter accounts, weekly staff newsletter and of course, your biweekly Edition of E-Connect."

So what goes into an edition of this fun, but important publication? Well, a lot! Firstly, I think Maciah may know more departments, room numbers, positions, last names, birthdays and staff on this campus than our CEO. She is constantly out, talking with Our People to let you all know the talent that exists here in our organization. As you probably know, her stories don’t just include those of Our People, but also of Our Patients and Our Identity (three strategic drivers!).

What makes her a great storyteller, or writer, is her keen and sincere ability to listen. Her soft and patient demeanour provides comfort when interviewing patients, allowing our readers (you!) to meet and experience the distinct voice of the subject of these stories, a voice that is individual and human. 

As we often do in the communications department, I remember editing a donor appeal letter that Maciah had written for the 2018 Spring Appeal. It was the story of a former Outpatient Rehab patient. It wasn’t necessarily the triumphs of this patient’s successes that had stuck with me (not to say they weren’t impressive!), but the way Maciah had tied his rehab journey back to the changing seasons that helped me discover something I didn’t know with relevance of something we all experience – the changing seasons. Often times, her stories start after the reader is done reading –they leave traces, or invisible footprints, in one’s inner self. These are the true talents of a good writer.

In the hustle and bustle of the busy hospital environment, the importance of this publication, or a good story, cannot be overlooked. This is what people remember about your work. Stories are how people often learn, grown, and how knowledge is transferred. These stories of real HDGH people, real patients, real moments capture and share lessons. They focus our discussions on quality and patient experience, and also give you all a glimpse into the day in a life at HDGH.

Just as these stories cannot be overlooked, today, we felt neither can the person writing them. So the next time you see Maciah out and about around the halls or at events of HDGH, remember what goes into telling a memorable story and how much more you have learned because of her.
Our Identity
Making dreams come true
Join us for an evening filled with live art and music, silent auction, great food, and networking as  The Dream Project  unveils the beautiful, newly constructed home in Belle River.

In August 2018, BK Cornerstone Design-Build Ltd., alongside In Honour of the Ones We Loves, Inc., HDGH and the Community Support Centre of Essex County broke ground on The Dream Project.

Proceeds made from the sale of the home will go to In Honour of the Ones We Love, Inc., who will then donate the funds to HDGH and Community Support Centre of Essex County to support local mental health initiatives.

Before the sale, join us for a fun-filled evening and view the beautiful house yourself at the Dreams Do Come True Fundraiser on July 26th.

Contact  Heather Parisé  ext. 73021 for tickets.
Save the Date
Local Mental Health Initiatives: Noah's House Golf Tournament
The family of Noah Butcher-Haggell hopes to keep his memory and spirit alive through the creation of a drop-in center for youth and young adults on their mental health recovery journey.

You can support their efforts by attending or sponsoring the upcoming Noah's House Golf Tournament on September 15th.

Visit www.noahshouse.ca for more details.