May 14, 2019
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Our Patients
Members of HDGH's Physiotherapy team pose with shoes collected during our 2018 Donate Your Kicks initiative.
Physiotherapy Month is getting people moving at
Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare
Each May, National Physiotherapy Month is celebrated across Canada recognizing the integral role of physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants.

A valued part of our multidisciplinary healthcare team at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, these individuals help restore the lives of our patients in nearly all of our inpatient and outpatient programs.

Our physiotherapy team consists of skilled professionals trained to assess and treat various neurological and orthopaedic conditions, fall related injuries, as well as deconditioning. They work hard to help restore our patients' range of motion, strength, coordination, balance, transfers, walking, and ability to climb stairs.

In honour of National Physiotherapy Month, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare's determined physiotherapy team is asking staff and our community to " Donate your Kicks ".

Proper footwear is so important when trying to get patients up standing, transferring, and walking. A lack of proper footwear can significantly impede a patient’s ability to become more mobile. Often we see patients during their hospital stay, who may not have family members in the area, or whose financial constraints make it difficult for them to access good footwear.

Our physiotherapists want your help to build our inventory of used but in good repair running shoes in our Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare Clothing Closet to help support our goal of getting people moving. 
Our People
Local nurses celebrated during National Nurses' Week
Nurses play important roles in the lives of many. National Nurses' Week, celebrated from May 6-10th,draws attention to nurses, increasing the awareness of the public, policy-makers and governments of the many contributions of nursing to the well-being of Canadians.

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) and Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) recognized its nurses for excellence and continuing education efforts during its annual Nursing Awards Ceremony Monday, May 6th.

Winners of the Jeanne Mance Award Extraordinary Nursing Care Award which recognizes a nurse who continually goes above and beyond to provide compassionate and professional care to patients and exemplifies teamwork, compassion, stewardship and respect included:

From HDGH:
  • Sheila Saltarelli, RPN, Complex Medical Care 3N
  • Samantha Green, RPN, Inpatient Rehab, RH3 and 4
From WRH:
  • Jason Irvine, RN, Met Campus, Emergency Department
  • Loretta Monforton, RPN, Ouellette Campus, 7 Medical
  • Jasmin Vukosavljevic, RN, Ouellette Campus, Cardiac Care Unit

Five nurses were also named as the recipients of the Annual Lori Dupont Bursary, which assists with continuing education costs. Each successful candidate is awarded up to $1,000. 

The 2019 Bursary Recipients were:

From HDGH:
  • Cindy DeHaan, RN, Chatham ACT Team
  • Sue Ladouceur, RN, Charge Nurse, Complex Medical Care, 3N
From WRH:
  • Kuljeet Kalsi, RN, Met Campus, Emergency Department,
  • Padma Ravi, Ouellette Campus, 7 Medical,
  • Selena Santia, RN, Paediatrics, Met Campus

Congratulations to all of our excellent RNs, RPNs and NPs across Windsor's hospital system!
Jennifer George, top row, second from the left, pictured with her family.
The pages of care
It’s an idea that is 12 years in the making and Jennifer George, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare Physiotherapist, is thrilled to have her thoughts down on paper, literally.

This month, Jennifer’s dream of sharing her experiences and expertise is coming true as her novel, which was inspired by her father’s illness, becomes an officially published book.

Communication is Care: 9 Empowering Strategies to Guide Patient Healing brings together personal experiences and professional practices to guide current and future healthcare providers who want to communicate with compassion, dignity, and empathy to create the best patient experience.

Jennifer was nearing completion of her schooling to become a physiotherapist when her dad became extremely sick and had to spend time on an Intensive Care Unit. While there, Jennifer thought that it would be a good opportunity to advance her learnings while being with her dad. It was one of her dad’s therapists who told her to “think like a therapist, not like his daughter”, that sparked her thoughts on the importance of providing care along with empathy and compassion. Jennifer knew that she would carry this experience and subsequent experiences with her dad’s care throughout her career.

Jennifer’s father passed away last year and while she says that at times it was hard to relive some of the memories with her dad’s care, it was a therapeutic way of moving forward as she wrote the book as a tribute to him.

Having worked with Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare for over five years, Jennifer also incorporated certain scenarios of her day-to-day work into the book, including the ways in which our rehab team promotes independence for patients and how compassionate communication is the extra care element that we give to them.

“I’m hoping that the book’s message will be more universally accepted because I think we talk about communication but we don’t really give a voice to it,” Jennifer explains. “My goal is to help both healthcare providers shape their practices, and encourage patients and families to be advocates for their care.”

Though the book includes over a decade of experiences, it took Jennifer only a few months to write. Currently, the book is going through a proof-reading phase and other pre-publishing tasks with an anticipated completing date around the end of this month. When finalized, you will be able to purchase Communication is Care on Amazon and in local Indigo stores.

Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment Jennifer. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to your patients and for being brave enough to share your personal experiences so that others may learn and grow from them.
Nyasha Kapfumvuti is living
Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare's Values
As part of our revamped Changing Lives Together Recognition program we announced the Values In Action Award. This monthly award recognizes an individual for whose actions exemplify the values of Respect, Teamwork, Compassion and Social Responsibility – also known as, OUR CORPORATE VALUES. These values are the foundation of the work we carry out daily to our patients, families, and community.
For the month of March, Judy Wyllie our Executive Leadership Coach nominated her coworker,  Nyasha Kapfumvuti, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare’s Multimedia Specialist  for this award. As part of this nomination, Nyasha will be considered for the Outstanding Demonstration of HDGH Values Presidents Award in spring 2020.
The Nomination Letter:
It is my great pleasure to recognize and nominate Nyasha Kapfumvuti, our part-time Multimedia Specialist and eLearn Administrator at HDGH for the Values in Action Award. I have been blessed to work closely with Nyasha for the past 3 years. I believe that he embodies all of our values. Compassion and Teamwork in particular really stand out for me when I think about him and when I hear the feedback from people he serves in his role. Nyasha has a kind and gentlemanly way about him that makes every person he interacts with feel important and valued. He truly demonstrates compassion for his fellow worker, striving to understand the experience of the learner and to improve and ease people's on-line learning experience. He is very knowledgeable and generously shares his expertise across teams when invited, in a modest and humble manner. At the same time he isn't afraid to say when he doesn't know, which makes others comfortable to do the same; to be curious and open to learn. Nyasha is constantly thinking about ways to improve the experience of learners at HDGH. He personally replies to and follows up every question, inquiry or frustration that may come his way in the course of his work with respect and compassion. Nyasha has forged a collaborative working relationship with people and teams inside and outside of HDGH to tap into and share leading practices and tools. He has breathed new life into our eLearn modules and raised the bar on the quality of A/V support available to presenters and speakers at HDGH and our community partners alike. I can honestly say that I am a better person for knowing and working with Nyasha.
As Nyasha supports nearly all departments at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare in some capacity, a number of his colleagues surprised him in his office as he was presented his award.
Nyasha was visibly surprised, finding it difficult to express how he was feeling. He ultimately said, “I’m so grateful to work alongside you all. People like me, we’re always watching and learning so thank you for teaching me so many valuable things. I’ve never had an experience as great as being at this organization.”
An aspiring Engineer in his last semester at the University of Windsor, Nyasha joined our team in 2016 and is eager for what the future holds.
“Creativity is one thing that has consistently been a talent and a passion for me,” Nyasha expresses. “I’m not certain where I am going to end up, but I know I’ll be happy if creativity is at the heart of it.”
Congratulations Nyasha!
Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare team presents at
Child Health Symposium
On Friday, May 10th, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare showcased two recent research projects at Western University's Child Health Symposium.

Hôtel-Diue Grace Healthcare staff shared two presentations on two projects that are truly great examples of Research and Evaluation working with Clinicians to ensure that what we're doing is evidence-based and having an impact.

Dr. Jennifer Voth from our Research and Evaluation team and Stacey Slobodnick, a Master of Social Work with our Regional Children's Centre presented on collaborating to develop an early intervention to foster better mental health outcomes for children of parents with a mental illness.

Dr. Voth took to the stage again, this time with Dr. Bethany King, Child Psychiatrist from RCC, and Tanja Samardzic a Masters student at the University of Windsor who joined us at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare to collect data for her thesis. They shared their research on preliminary evaluation of the parenting traumatized youth group.
Our Identity
L-R: Danielle Loiselle, HDGH Gambling Counsellor, Dr. Pat Montaleone, HDGH Psychiatrist, Shelley White, CEO Ontario Responsible Gambling Council, Diana Gabriele, HDGH Gambling Counsellor, Dr. Naoyuki Nishimura, Eiji Kasai, Mas Watanabe, and Takayuki Kin, all from the Japan Sustainable Responsible Gaming Council.
Crossing oceans for addictions care
On Sunday, May 5 th , Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare welcomed some important guests who travelled across the world to hear how we support those battling an ‘invisible addiction’.

In the summer of 2018, Japan legalized casino resort gambling across the country. In an effort to proactively support the possibility of gambling and gaming addictions, members of the Japan Sustainable Responsible Gaming Council (JSRG) – Dr. Naoyuki Nishimura, Eiji Kasai, Takayuki Kin, and Mas Watanabe – teamed up with Ontario’s Responsible Gambling Council to tour and learn from programs throughout Southwestern Ontario and Michigan.

The tour brought them to Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare’s Centre for Problem Gambling and Digital Dependency where they gained frontline expertise from Gambling Counsellors Diana Gabriele and Danielle Loiselle, and Psychiatrist, Dr. Pat Montaleone.

The JSRG, along with CEO of Ontario’s Responsible Gambling Council, Shelley White, spent nearly three hours touring our facility, meeting clients, hearing about our Gambling and Digital Dependency programs, and asking questions that will ultimately build their knowledge base for helping those in their own country.

Diana and Danielle were eager to share their knowledge and provide a worthwhile experience for our Japanese guests; they researched tirelessly to ensure the visit from start to finish was a positive and culturally appropriate one. As a thank you for the visit, each guest received a Canada-themed bag of goodies which included maple syrup, a Crunchy bar, toffee, a hat – that had “Love” written across the front with the letter ‘o’ in the shape of a maple leaf, a nod to Mr. Kin’s company LOVE Entertainment Hospitality – a Canadian flag, and Our People of Faith: The story of Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital, all packed together topped with a red and white Kusudama, a Japanese decorative origami flower that is said to bring good luck and good fortune.

On behalf of Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare and our Centre for Problem Gambling and Digital Dependency, thank you Japan Sustainable Responsible Gaming Council and Ontario’s Responsible Gambling Council for choosing to be proactive in supporting those with addictions and for choosing our organization to learn from.
Public Meeting of the Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare
Board of Directors
Gathering community input through Data Walks
Through the ProsperUs project a firm commitment was made to align community resources to ensure that the most vulnerable, and the most promising members of our population – our children and youth – succeed in their education, career and life. 

All are welcome to take part in a number of upcoming community consultations lead by ProsperUs, called Data Walks , taking place in neighbourhoods around Windsor and Essex County throughout the month of May.

A Data Walk is a 3-hour guided tour through data stations where participants will be given the opportunity to share their thoughts in an interactive group setting.  Each station outlines local data and some results about the state of our region, related to childhood poverty, the cost of living, early development and school readiness, math and literacy success in school, and income by education level.  Data Walks will allow residents to learn about their neighbourhood and the effects on local children and youth and provide their feedback, stories and input.