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Greetings New Epic Families!

In this next installment in our summer orientation series for new families, we want to share information with you about what to expect from your teacher and the role of the EPIC principal. Two weeks ago, we sent you THIS EMAIL.

The role of EPIC teachers & principals:

  1. EPIC teachers are paired with students based on either a families’ preference of a teacher at enrollment and/or the availability on a teacher’s roster for more students. Students are paired with a teacher who lives in close proximity to them. While it is rare, there are times when a teacher’s roster changes for various necessary circumstances and one or more of their students are reassigned to an equally caring teacher. We believe every child has the right to a teacher that will best serve them and much forethought is put into pairing teachers with students.
  2. All of our teachers are Oklahoma certified and, under normal circumstances, meet in person with their students regularly, perhaps multiple times each month, depending on their students’ needs. During the previous school year, face-to-face meetings were suspended due to the pandemic and replaced with regular Zoom, Skype, and the like.
  3. If at any time you become convinced your assigned teacher is not a good fit, let your principal know. We will do everything possible to make an immediate reassignment for you.
  4. Each principal has about 25 teachers under their supervision. Just like in a traditional school, should you have any challenges with your teacher, or you experience challenges with another EPIC department that your teacher cannot resolve, never hesitate to reach out to your principal.
  5. Teachers will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks. Your first meeting will likely take about two hours. During the meeting, you will get to know one another, complete together an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for your child, and choose your child’s virtual curriculum.
  6. Take a few moments to watch the video embedded in this email below. It provides a great introduction to EPIC learning.

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