Greetings New EPIC Family:

Two weeks ago, we wrote to you about the EPIC Learning Fund and how it operates. A cousin to that topic is technology. One of the key elements of attending a virtual charter school is understanding how to navigate the technology, and the EPIC Assets team is dedicated to helping you do just that.

The Assets team is responsible for distributing, retrieving and maintaining the laptops, MiFi devices, iPads, calculators, headphones and other pieces of hardware available to you from EPIC for your child’s education.

During your initial meeting with your teacher later this summer, she/he will assist you in ordering any technology you may need for the upcoming school year. These items will be deducted from your Learning Fund and must be returned upon your departure from EPIC (when you graduate, for example, or if you leave EPIC for another school). When this happens, you will be sent a form to request shipping materials to be used for the return of school property.

As we all know, sometimes things break or stop working the way they should. In the event that you have damaged or lost equipment, please immediately reach out to the Assets team at 405-749-4550 or email for assistance. If you require technical support, simply contact 405-652-0935 or .

It’s important to note that EPIC technology should only be used for the purposes of schoolwork and other school-related activities. Also, our MiFi devices are equipped with either cellular service from T-Mobile or Verizon. If you live in an area that does not support these carriers, another option is for us to assist you in obtaining a local internet connection. It is rare this is needed, but the Assets team and your teacher can assist you if it is a challenge that you will have.

We look forward to providing your student with all the tools needed for them to be successful at EPIC. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Alyssa O’Connor
Assets Coordinator,
EPIC Charter Schools