Dear EPIC Family:

As our new-parent orientation series continues, it is important we talk about school-to-home communication. EPIC has students enrolled in all 77 Oklahoma counties and being able to clearly and regularly communicate with our parents through email, phone, text, direct mail and social media is key. We want to make sure you receive critical information about your child’s education and opportunities such as EPIC school events, extracurricular opportunities, scholarships, etc.
Epicenter, also called the Parent Portal, is where your contact information is housed. Any time we need to email, call, text or direct mail you important information, we draw from Epicenter for your current contact information. So, should your contact information change after enrollment, it is imperative that you update it in Epicenter/Parent Portal. If you ever forget your username or password in Epicenter/Parent Portal, there is "Forgot my username" and "Forgot my password" automated support on the home page of the EPIC website, . Your EPIC teacher or Live Chat through the EPIC website is always a good resource should you need assistance with Epicenter/Parent Portal.
At EPIC, we rely heavily on email for both informal and formal communication with you. It is a more time efficient and cost-effective. Please check your email daily to see if you have received communication from your teacher or school. And while federal law allows a citizen to unsubscribe to emails, please never unsubscribe to EPIC as it will result in you not being fully informed from the school on matters pertaining to your child.
EPIC partners with School Messenger to be able to more easily send you automated voice messages and text messages about urgent school news. Again, this is why it is important the contact information listed for you and your family is always up to date in Epicenter/Parent Portal. Should you receive any notifications from School Messenger related to information, opting in to alerts, etc., please trust the credibility and security of the information coming to you.
We share a lot of news and answer a lot of questions from our parents on our social media platforms. Make sure you are a follower of ours. At the bottom of this email are icons that link to all of our social media platforms so you can follow us if you aren’t already. We regularly share videos, podcasts, tips, links and news that we know will be of interest to our parents on all of these platforms. Don’t miss out!


Live Chat through the EPIC website is available every day from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., as are our phone lines. Live Chat is an effective way to get quick, timely assistance. Our customer service representatives are responsive to questions sent through Live Chat within minutes, so do not hesitate to utilize this resource at
Shelly Hickman
Assistant Superintendent of Communications