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Jerry Clements came in for an initial consult with a picture of an entertainment center in hand. He was in the process of remodeling and was on the hunt for an updated piece.
Mr. Clements requested modifications to be made to his pictured entertainment center. It had to fit his TV, the components, and he wanted the bottom drawers to actually be hinged doors. One other request was made during this initial consult: can we match the finish of a beautiful Habersham occasional table that he already owned.
Our reply to his requests…no problem.
Our second meeting with Mr. Clements was at his home. On-site measuring revealed we would need to make another custom modification to his initial design; the unit needed to be two inches shorter to fit through his doorway.
The next step for the FCI team was working on mimicking the Habersham finish of his already existing occasional table. We provided samples to Mr. Clements, and once everyone was more than satisfied with the finish, and all drawings were approved, we moved into production.
From the initial consultation to delivery and installation, we at FCI are a part of the entire process. We work with decorators, contractors, electricians, plumbers, electronics teams, etc. to make sure that your project is completed to meet all of your needs. 
Here are a few pictures of Jerry Clements’ gorgeous entertainment center created by our team here at FCI.

FCI is now providing Aurea Stone. The company states that this stone is "a new natural look that everyone has been searching for, but, until now, nobody has been able to achieve."

Looking at the trends, it's looking like white marble is not going anywhere soon! Aurea Stone, together with Phi technology, has developed a new material that they say:
  • is more translucent
  • has the beauty of natural stone
  • is whiter
  • is even stronger than granite
  • has better consistency
  • has less water absorption
  • has less stains
  • is easy to cut and manufacture

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Did you know that FCI is an authorized dealer of Evo cooktops? Evo cooktops are not only made in America, but are recognized for cooking versatility, distinct design, quality construction, and above all else, creating a social space around fresh-prepared food!

Running on natural gas, propane, or electric, Evo allows you to create any cuisine through both direct techniques on the seasoned cook surface and indirectly with pots and pans.

Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the possibilities are endless!! Evo has options for indoor and outdoor drop-in, as well as portable and freestanding...perfect for tailgating season coming up!
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Our stained cabinets are finished with three coats of oven-cured conversion varnish which produces a very durable surface. This surface requires NO waxing. When cleaning your stained, glazed, or painted cabinets, NEVER use any type of strong or abrasive type cleanser. You do not need to use polish, Murphy's Oil, Pledge, etc. Using these products can cause a build-up of film which then becomes more difficult to remove.

This finish may be wiped clean using a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent (like Dawn). Be careful not to use an excessive amount of water. Rinse with a cloth dampened with clear, warm water and then dry with a clean cloth.

Please visit our website for more information on Care and Maintenance.
There are so many trends out there these days, so we are going through them and picking some of our favorites that we will share with you each month!

In the kitchen, white and gray painted cabinets dominate the color schemes. However, we are seeing an increase of colors outside that realm. Enter of the hottest colors of 2017. Here is a picture of a popular display among our clients that enter our showroom.
We love to hear from our clients!
Here is a recent testimonial from Kari, on a project we did for her new home in Billings, Montana.
"Please relay my thanks to Peter and your entire team for the extraordinary job you have done for my project. The cabinets are beautiful of course, but your and Peter’s willingness to put in the extra effort to work with me long distance and your communication with our contractor throughout the project have made it seamless. Our contractor has been in the business for many years and has incredibly high standards. Your cabinets exceeded his expectations on many levels and the accuracy and quality made his life (and mine) a lot easier. Everyone who has seen the cabinets are blown away by the quality and beauty. I have already had inquiries on how people could work with you. Being an Evansville native has never been such an advantage!"
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