"I don't know about you, but I'm going to bed"

The leader of the free world


"An Evil that Looks Like Love"

Andree Peterson, writing in "World" magazine makes the point that the left cloaks their hatred in downy soft images of love.

One example is how, "What's wrong with two people who are in love getting married?" suddenly became the State wanting to take your children if you refuse to allow your child to be sexualized by them.

So it isn't too hard for me to believe her when she says the State's "What's wrong with letting someone in pain, old, or depressed die with dignity?" becoming, "It's their duty to die"

She illustrates this by using a movie short where a guy trapped in a snowstorm begins to fall asleep. He's visited by an angel telling him the snow is warm and comfy. "Just relax and sleeeep..." When he tries to wake up the angel reveals itself to be a demon, infuriated at his sudden will to not just die.

"It's only when he slightly stirs and tries to rise again that you observe her hands stiffen and push him to keep him down.

The tyranny of evil looks like love until you mount resistance. Underneath the velvet glove there lurks the iron fist."

Is This is How Revolutions Begin?

I'm coming for your gun rights

I'm not enforcing that. The Attorney General won't enforce it. You are in violation of the State Constitution

You will do as I say or you're fired

You can't fire me. You're under arrest

My security team...

Is on standby to shoot to kill

Better get 'em ready

I'm ready to send in the military to kill Americans

You mean, "The enemy"

Same thing!

Was it Just ME?

I swear I heard Joe Biden using his tough guy voice on 9-11 to crow about how we will always go after terrorists and how they failed to destroy the "soul of America" on 9-11

And then on the same day he sent $6 billion to a terrorist nation for hostages?

Joe Biden is destroying the soul of America

Biden, please let us in!

Blowback Alley

FOX News

Battle for parents to be notified if child changes gender identity at school is just beginning, advocate says


America Insider


Super Bowl Champ Corrects ESPN For Whitewashing Coco Gauff’s Christian Faith

I hate to break this to you SportsCenter but Coco Gauff was not ‘soaking it all in’ at this moment. She was praying,

Tony Dungy

America Insider

New Poll Reveals 70% of Americans are Against Trans Athletes Competing Against Women


California school votes to forbid banners other than American, state flag


California schools join growing list of districts across the country banning Pride flags

The Hill

Cleveland mayor denounces new Catholic LGBTQ guidance for schools

federal judge declares key Obama-era revised version of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program illegal

"Mr. Gronkowski, should men be allowed to play in women's sports?"

(comical 'NO' head shaking)

Nothing funnier than listening to Biden's Press Secretary telling the media that "The Republicans have spent all year investigating the President with NO evidence" Change 'all year' to 'the last seven years' and she could be Trump's PS

If illegal immigration makes America better, New York is going to be a dreamland pretty soon. Their mayor should be demanding more busloads rather than showing himself to be a racist

The more we talk about stolen elections, the more it discourages some conservatives to vote

The only thing more shocking than polls showing Trump and Biden tied are liberals wondering how it's possible Biden's not far ahead

CBS has rejected an ad for the Super Bowl that honored the military. I'm surprised. I'd think they'd jump at any chance to honor the LGBTQ movement

"Fact Checkers" say the 10-17 million illegals in Biden's four years is false. In 2022 NY Times said 3.3 million have crossed the borders since he took office. But Biden's plan is to legalize 10 million

4 From

Apple Announces iPhone 15 Will Come Emblazoned With Name Of Uyghur Slave Who Assembled It

ESPN Baffled What Athlete Kneeling With Eyes Closed And Hands Folded Could Possibly Be Doing

Kamala Harris Arrives At Ground Zero To Give Speech About January 6

Pelosi Tests Negative for Covid but Positive for Rabies



People Are Discussing The Lies They Were Taught In School, And I'm Pretty Sure We All Had The Same Childhood

I was taught that surgery could make me a boy and it would be good for me

Masks so we wouldn't catch Covid although we aren't susceptible to it

The white kids were evil

No, I'm talking about old people admitting about the lies they were taught about the country

You taught me it was evil, but I never believed it until the people teaching me that came into power

I was taught the Patriot Act was to protect Americans from foreign terrorists.

I'm not talking about the lies WE taught you. Tell us about the truths that we taught you were lies

Business Insider

John Fetterman reacts to the GOP moving forward on a Biden impeachment inquiry


“Temperamentally unfit,” “racist, sexist pig,” “lunatic,” and more of what President Obama really thinks about Trump

Don't forget, 'man who doesn't have sex with other men'

The guy who said I am a homosexual is a known fraudster and convict

I'm talking about what YOU said



China Mocks US on 9/11 Anniversary With Cartoon

Sick burn!

Throw in some fentanyl and an illegitimate president cowering in his diapers and they've nailed it

FOX News

Communist revolutionaries burn American flags outside Jason Aldean concert, claiming 'America was never great'

Okay, I'll bring the flag and we'll meet outside the concert venue. Who's bringing the torch?


Escaped Pennsylvania murderer shot at by homeowner while stealing rifle

I'm pleased to announce the threat is over and the homeowner is in custody


Nancy Mace Issues Warning to MAGA Republicans

"They will walk the plank if they continue to harp on issues like abortion and impeachment"

figuratively or—

Arrest them!

...alrighty then...


Why The ‘Black National Anthem’—Played At NFL Games Is Angering The Right Wing

Because we can't dance?

Because I took a bullet in the head to unify the country?

Says here that the NFL will now play the national anthem from the country of origin of everybody residing in the U.S.

I want my national anthem played too!

I didn't take a bullet to the head but my brain is still cottage cheese

Dianne says that joke was sick, she's fine, and she will be retiring as soon as we're done with her


Biden administration expect the release of five Americans detained in Iran

They'd better expect something for six billion dollars

LA Times

A climate scientist wanted to start a debate in academia. He set off a bigger firestorm

Just talking about climate change is causing metaphoric climate change

Metaphoric climate change is more threatening than nuclear war

No, we're not going to launch. They WANT us to nuke them. Let's wait and let the plastic straws destroy them


Teacher Explains Why He Prefers Not To Use The Term 'Toxic Masculinity' & What We Should Be Saying Instead

"Toxic masculinity" is something frumpy feminists invented to try and emasculate boys. While they were worried about that the gay community came in and stole womanhood from them. Questions?

Yes. How dare you! And what are you doing friday night?

Rashida Roundup

(Karens of Color)

Wealthy Living

‘White Individuals Are Naturally Racist’ – Doctors Sue Over Mandatory Training Claiming Racism Is Implicit

Hey, they some more racists outside sucking up to us

That's curious. You donate to an abortion clinic in a black neighborhood financed by white people

Imma call the police anyway

The Nation

Democrats Need to Have an Honest Talk About White People

We need to talk


You white people

You realize you're only here because the 'Rashida Roundup' section needs filling out this week.

You calling me a token, master boss man?

Here comes Angela Davis. Let's scram

Right behind you

Hey, youngbood! The white devil is just using you! Hey where you going, playa?


(Formerly 'Trans Roundup')

Man and Home

“This Will Be the Destruction of the Military”: Non-Binary Army Captain Gets Permission to Wear Women’s Uniform and Make-Up

You have to let me out of the army, I'm crazy

What did you call me?

Career Step Up

Why Are There so Many New Transgender Teenagers? A Study Helps Explain the Rise in Numbers

Who needs a study? We're pushing it!

I need to be excused from your globalist agenda please

Shut up, Bob

Unfinished Man

Should You Raise a Gender-Neutral Son?

Seriously. If you are 'raising a gender-neutral' child, you need to be in prison

Don't even think about it!

I don't get this newsletter


"The circus is evil, they take advantage of animals and train them to do stupid tricks for our amusement!" says the soy boy telling his wolf hybrid 'Sasha' to sit up for a nummy.

But when America was great, "The circus is coming to town!" didn't mean the Democrats were having another policy meeting with 'The Big Clown,' it meant fun, excitement, and great snacks, plus you could always run off with them if your parents were getting on your nerves