The Graduate Connection - March 2017
Welcome to Leadership! Good...Luck?
It's as predictable as a Spring leap forward, dyed water in the Chicago river, Girl Scout cookies, and shamrocks-St. Patrick's Day, when the whole world becomes Irish for a week (or maybe even a few days more, depending on how long we're cooking up reasons to throw back a few pints of Guinness). It's a time to celebrate the driving out of snakes, all things green, and of course, the Luck o' the Irish.

Luck is a funny thing. It happens to you. Much like being born with spectacular looks, a colossal trust fund, or a royal pedigree, luck is completely and utterly outside of your control.

2017 L.E.T. workshop are starting soon in Taos, NM, Montrose, CO and Jackson, many more to come. View our L.E.T. workshop calendar to find leadership classes near you.

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