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Lively greetings to you as you receive this inaugural edition of MoneyMovesTM News, my new monthly newsletter. I feel happy to offer you these greetings and this communication for your enjoyment, growth and well-being. My intention is to share stories, practices, insight, questions, surprises and more ... that move me and, may move you.


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If you are open to receiving this communication, it is my pleasure to continue connection with you.  MoneyMovesTM News is the manifestation of something different - integrating almost thirty years of service in the financial planning profession and over ten years in the coaching profession.  My motivation is to bring expanded awareness to the concept that wealth is more than money. It is. We know that; but the seamless integration into our whole being, and our way of moving in and through the world, is different from knowing.  Sometimes we need a little help seeing and experiencing this truth.  Perhaps MoneyMovesTM News can help you in your journey.  


One more thing, please scroll to the bottom and don't miss two inspiring opportunities: John Churchill's weekend meditation retreat and Intentional Resting with Dan Howard. John is a gifted teacher. Whether you are beginning a meditation practice or are a seasoned meditator, John creates an unforgettable We space.  Dan's Intentional Resting practices are spreading like wildfire. Check out his offerings and experience the power of rest. 


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In This Issue
5-Minute TRY It!
Learning Opportunities
This Month's Article: "Money Influence"
Be Moved...
Be Inspired...
5-Minute TRY It
Just Relax


1. Take one minute to check in with and locate your body. Close your eyes. Notice your thoughts, notice your feelings, notice your sensations. Be curious. There is NOTHING to DO.


2.  Take the second minute to see your thoughts. Don't try to DO anything with your thoughts, just see them.


3.  Take the third minute to see your feelings. What are you feeling, (your state of mind)? agitated, calm, happy, sad, glad, mad ...


4.  Take the forth minute to see your sensations. What sensations do you notice in your body - tight, calm, warmth, light, swirling, cool...?


5.  Take the fifth minute to rest without any activity. Allow gravity to buoy your body and be here now. Pause. Be. Breathe.


6.  Complete your practice by noticing what is different from 5 minutes ago. Stay checked in!

Learning Opportunities

Women, Wealth & Wisdom
Begins June 5th
Join me in a unique opportunity to gather with a few women in an intimate, safe circle of trust to expand your understanding of wealth and to explore the issues that matter most to you in this precious life. 

Money Influence

You know and are reminded that your beliefs and behavior around money have been strongly influenced by others, particularly from your childhood. You see that this money influence can either support you in your evolution or undermine you by aligning with ego. Even if you have reflected and reviewed this fact before, there is value in repeating the exercise again, particularly when the past few years in our economic environment have tested our fortitude and shaken our confidence.  


In periods of money stress, the ego likes to control, constrict and protect. Most often, the results from ego intervention are unfavorable and self-serving - coming from the less supportive money influence. You may be asking, "Gayle, what do you mean?"


Let me offer an answer from my own experience...  (Continue reading here)

Be Moved

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: 

if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not 

be so welcome. 


~Anne Bradstreet

Be Inspired
Traveling the Nine Stages of the Elephant Path:  
A Concentration Meditation Weekend 
with John Churchill


May 13-15th
Samadhi Integral Center
Newton, MA



by Dan Howard 




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