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St. Francis Deep Immune Kids (50ml)                                  
Regular: $22.99            Reduced: $19.99

St. Francis Deep Immune Adults (90 veggie caps)             
Regular: $43.99            Reduced: $40.99

Rhoziva Edge (60 caps)                                                           
Regular: $52.99             Reduced: $49.99

New Roots Prostate Perform (60 soft gels)                        
Regular: $78.99             Reduced: $75.99

New Roots Prostate Perform (90 soft gels)                        
Regular: $108.99          Reduced: $104.99
Naka ConcenTrace (355 ml)                                                 
Regular: $34.99           Reduced: $32.99

Now Vitamin D3 (180 soft gels)                                             
Regular: $9.99            Reduced: $7.99

Now Zesty Sprouting Mix (454g)                                          
Regular: $15.99             Reduced: $8.99

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chunks (283 g)                                   
Regular: $6.99               Reduced: $4.99

Daiya Cheezecakes – Assorted Flavours (440g)                
Regular: $8.99               Reduced: $7.29

VitaCoco Coconut Water (1L)                                               
Regular: $6.99                Reduced: $4.99

Garden of Life Vegan Protein (840g)                                    
Regular: $62.99              Reduced: $59.99

Schinoussa New Zealand Whey Protein (910g)                  
Regular: $62.99              Reduced: $59.99

Sol Meatless Meatballs (300g)                                             
Regular: $6.99                 Reduced: $4.99

Field Roast Fruffalo Wings (283g)                                       
Regular: $11.69               Reduced: $7.99

Maria’s Homestyle Rice Pasta (454g)                                  
Regular: $9.99                Reduced: $4.99

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