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This Week's Project Spotlight
Nestled in a quiet area in Howard County, MD, is a homeowner who was looking to create an outdoor living space for family and friends.

We designed a plan that would incorporate the existing space, adding an outdoor fire pit, swimming pool, and spa, with a waterfall feature that runs into the pool. The over-sized pool deck allows everyone to relax poolside, all secured in a custom fence. 

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As the weather gets cooler, it is imperative to prepare your landscaping for the Fall and Winter seasons. Here are some top tips at ensuring your lawn stays in the best shape for next Spring!

Keep your landscaping looking great all throughout the year. From new, seasonal plants and shrubs to cleaning up debris, we offer a wide array of landscaping maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more or get confirmed on our schedule.
Backyard Projects Currently Under Construction
We have recently broken ground on a new swimming pool project that should be finished next year for the family to enjoy an amazing outdoor living lifestyle.

This video is a quick highlight showcasing one of our Teams adding concrete to the pool ground.

For more information or videos of other projects in the works, visit us online or on Facebook .
The very start of an amazing backyard on an estate property, we have just begun digging for the homeowner's swimming pool. With what will be an incredible outdoor oasis, the pool will be showcased within an over sized pool deck, and accented with natural stone walls and patio, a pergola, drainage system, and so much more.

For more information or videos of other projects in the works, visit us online or on Facebook .

These homeowners were having water roll down from a higher elevation of their property, pouring into the basement. This not only caused the basement to flood, but the sump pump was overpowered due to the amount of rainwater.

To correct this problem, our Waterproofing and Drainage Experts installed an 18” drain box connected to 6” hard white PVC pipe, which allows the water to drain to the street below. 

We also tied into the corner down spout. Take note, too, that the concrete pad is 2” lower than the stairs - this ensures that the water has to go into the new drain box. It's a relatively simple fix to make a big difference.

If you have any waterproofing, drainage, or other water-related issues and reside in Baltimore, Howard, or Montgomery County, contact us today to learn more.
Monthly Partner Spotlight
We greatly admire the folks over at TLV Tree Farm. They are truly wonderful people who really take care of their customers. Long time friends, they are this month's Partner Spotlight.

With the holidays starting in only a few weeks, TLV offers farm fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas Trees that you can even cut yourself.

Santa's Workshop for the kids and so much more, they're conveniently located in Glenelg, between I-97 and Rt. 32.

"At TLV (Triadelph ia Lake View Farm) we believe in treating our patrons like one of the family. Our farm has been in our family for over 100 years. That is why we provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. Everyone on our staff is committed to ensuring that your visit with us is a success! At Triadelphia Lake View Farm the customer always comes first."
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