January 2019
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Going bold: Investing in global education

Olin will take a giant leap forward with its full-time MBA program in 2019, launching a massive overhaul that includes a month-long immersion in international business environments. Poets & Quants called the plan "an exceptionally bold move." This work also compelled P&Q to name Olin first among of its "10 business schools to watch" in 2019. See more about the program in our brochure .
Expanding our footprint at Brookings

WashU Olin's unique relationship with the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, rises to another level as we expand our physical footprint in the city. Dean Taylor wants to make sure every Olin student visits the world's premier think tank to explore the intersection of business and policy.
Rankings rundown

We summarize where the various ranking publications have placed WashU Olin in the past year. On balance, it has been a good year for Olin.
Building on our family business expertise

Thanks to a generous grant from a pair of Olin alums and their spouses, we're in the midst of expanding our successful family business initiative to a full-fledged research center.
Three Olin success stories

Did you know three student entrepreneurs were among 20 recipients of the $50,000 St. Louis Arch Grants award this year? Each of them launched the idea for their current startups in the Hatchery course at Olin.
Social impact. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch features GiftAMeal (Andrew Glantz, BSBA '17) in a column about consumers' desires to support companies that support causes.
Tenure and promotions. If you missed the dean’s note last semester, here's an update on promotions for Olin faculty, including Cynthia Cryder, Andrew Knight, Robyn LeBoeuf, and Asaf Manela. LeBoeuf was also recently named an Emerson Teaching Award recipient .
Celebration Weekend
Save the date, and see who will be honored with the Dean's Medal, Distinguished Alumni Awards, and Emerging Leader Awards at this year’s Olin Celebration Weekend. We hope to see you April 5-6.
Using business to combat climate change

Radhakrishnan Gopalan, John Horn, and Todd Milbourn apply Harvard Business Review -published research on executive compensation to current events in a CNN commentary about Shell's plan to push for greater reductions in greenhouse gases.
Index downside? Todd Gormley appeared live in December on NPR's "On Point," addressing index investing: "It's reasonable to ask whether this concentration of influence over a large chunk of the economy might have some downsides."
Annoyed by coworkers? You're not alone. The Atlantic features research from Hillary Anger Elfenbein, describing the concept she pioneered—affective presence—and why some people are just comfortable to be around, and why others, frankly, are just annoying.
Obamacare and fiscal health. Olin research anchors a piece on CityLab , The Atlantic 's publication focused on cities and their challenges. The upshot: Decent healthcare leads to stable housing and finances. Related: Olin Blog on former postdoc Emily Gallagher's research .
The right stuff? Forbes reports on Bart Hamilton's research into the personality traits of successful startup leaders.
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