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Dignity Letter — June 2018

Warmest greetings to you!

There has never been a more urgent time for building bridges of dignity in the world! Our connected efforts are forging a new path for people and the planet.

To celebrate 15 years of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS) as a collaborative global community, we are changing the name of "Take a Look" to the "Dignity Letter." We hope the news in this letter will energize, affirm, and inspire your important work in the world!

  • Welcome to Our 2018 Dignity Conference in Egypt
  • 2018 New York Workshop on Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict
  • Good News and Good Ideas
  • Celebrating 90 Years of Dedication to Dignity: Kjell Skyllstad
  • Dignity Education Opportunities
  • Dignity Leadership Possibilities
  • New European Data Collection Guidelines
We Look Forward to Welcoming You to Our
31st Annual Conference of
Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies 
Dignity and Innovation — Strategies for a Sustainable Future 
Cairo, Egypt — 21st - 24th September 2018
The Gizah Pyramids (by Ricardo Liberato)
You are warmly invited to our
31st Annual Dignity Conference in Cairo, Egypt!

Welcome to all who will be joining us for our upcoming Dignity Conference!

All of our events are part of an ongoing effort to nurture a global dignity community. You are warmly invited to spend the entire conference with us and help us with what we call dignity-family-building! If you wish to participate or confirm your participation, please  email  at your earliest convenience.

There are no registration fees for our HumanDHS conferences. To cover our conference expenses, we share our resources and invite participants to contribute according to their ability.

We encourage everyone to visit our workshop webpage regularly for the latest details on this event as it evolves.
Conference Agenda
The conference has two parts: a workshop and a public event.

21st - 23rd September
SEKEM Farm - 40 Years of Sustainable Development
Ecovillage, Belbes, Ard El-Katiba, Galvina - SEKEM, El Sharkia
(1 hour from Cairo airport)

Together, we examine the link between dignity and innovation and how strategies for a sustainable future can be found. The focus of this conference is on agriculture and water, a focus that is relevant not only for Egypt, but also for the rest of the world.

24th September, 13.30 - 15.00
Heliopolis University, 3 Cairo - Belbeis Desert Road, El-Nahda, Qism El-Salam
(20 minutes from Cairo airport)

Please visit the conference webpage for pre- and post-conference activities for interested participants arriving early or staying after this event.
We Would Like to Express Our Great Appreciation to Our Local Hosts, Organizers, Conveners, and Partners

The conference is arranged cooperatively by SEKEM and  Heliopolis University  in Cairo, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS), and the  World Dignity University initiative , together with Innolab, Sea Direction, and Nortura, Norway. The Heliopolis University has been created by  SEKEM , which was founded by  Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish .
We look forward to welcoming you!
15th Annual Workshop on Transforming
Human Dignity and Violent Conflict
What Is the Language of Dignity?
December 6th – 7th, 2018
Teachers College, Columbia University, New York
2017 Workshop Participants
Workshop Theme:
What Is the Language of Dignity?

This is our very warm welcome to — and reminder of — our upcoming annual  Workshop on Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict , Thursday and Friday, December 6th - 7th, 2018, Columbia University, Teachers College, New York. 

In our community, people speak many different languages, yet we are all joined in our efforts to practice a shared language, the language of dignity . Our theme this year — “What is the language of dignity?” — is an invitation to think deeply about what communicates dignity in our lives, in our communities, and in the world. 
Many Ways to Connect and Contribute

Whether you join us as a creative contributor, a supporter, an active listener, a moderator, a dialogue facilitator, or in some other collaborative capacity, we want to emphasize that everyone in the workshop plays an important role in creating a climate of connection and mutual learning on the path to dignity.

If you would like to participate:
You will find all of the latest details about the workshop -- updated regularly -- at:

  • New Friends: If you wish to join us, we invite you to send us a message and introductory information to: Thanks for including your contact information and any other details you would like to share with our community (e.g., CV, papers, articles, presentations). We gratefully count on you to make your own transportation and accommodation arrangements.

  • Returning Friends: We look forward to welcoming you again to our workshop! To confirm your participation, thank you for emailing us and letting us know how you might like to contribute this year. We warmly welcome your efforts in support of dialogue sessions, facilitation, music, movement, poetry, and/or creating a climate of collaborative connection.

  • All Friends: If you have an abstract or a paper you wish to share, you are warmly invited to send it to us so we can publish it on our HumanDHS website. Thank you! 

We look forward to seeing you in New York!
Save This Date! Join Us in the Amazon!
Please Save This Date:
33rd Annual
HumanDHS Conference
Toward an Amazon of Good Living through International Exchange and Collaboration
 in Marabá , in the Brazilian Amazon
5th - 10th September 2019

Good News and Good Ideas for Action!
Tum Jo Bahati Nadi Ho  (in Hindi)
"You, Who Is Like a Flowing River"
A New Book By Amita Neerav
Congratulations to Amita Neerav for the publication of her new book (in Hindi), which is a collection of 15 stories. Amita has been recognized as one of the 500 best Hindi writers in the past 100 years. She was a key contributor to our recent Dignity Conference in Indore, India .

Kim Stafford is Named
Oregon's Poet Laureate
Kim Stafford, a dear friend of HumanDHS and the director of Lewis & Clark College's Northwest Writing Institute (photo source), has been named Oregon's ninth poet laureate. We are grateful to Kim for sharing his inspirational book of poetry, Earth Verse , with all who attended our recent workshop in New York.

Gun Violence: A Call for Dignity
Linda Hartling & Evelin Lindner
When anyone becomes a victim of gun violence, all of us are victimized. This article urges us to listen to the voices of students impacted by school shootings. They are planting the seeds of dignity and responsibility that we need to see in the world.

Many thanks to Tony Jenkins and the Global Campaign for Peace Education (Photo: screen grab from
Human Dignity in Childhood Project
Initiated by Dr. Lucien Lombardo
This project is an opportunity for you to contribute to a collection of stories about childhood and dignity. By sharing your stories, you can help build a community connected through and supported by these important experiences.

Celebrating 90 Years of Dedication to Dignity!
Please Join Us in Celebrating
Kjell Skyllstad's 90th Birthday!
Kjell Skyllstad is a HumanDHS hero! In addition to his incalculable efforts around the world, his visionary leadership inspired our Dignity Conferences in Norway, Thailand, and Croatia! We are celebrating his 90 years of loving dedication to dignity!

If you would like to join us in celebrating Kjell's birthday, please contact us to send him a card, or please send him your personal email greeting.

Dignity Education Opportunities!
WDU Globe
The World Dignity University initiative (WDUi) and the Western Institute for Social Research (WISR) are continuing their partnership by seeking three or more people who would like to study together as a cohort group pursuing BS, MS, or EdD degrees.  WISR is a degree-granting institution partnering with the WDUi, which enables members of HumanDHS community to pursue the academic degrees in areas of their interest.

WISR’s mission is strongly compatible with the commitments and values of HumanDHS, the organizational home of the WDUi. WISR helps students build bridges toward their personal and professional goals through action projects, research, and writing that leads to a sustainable and just future for all.
Dignity Leadership Possibilities for You!
Are you looking for opportunities to make significant contributions to building a better world? Please allow us to invite you to consider joining with us in our collaborative work for dignity!

All our dignity work is a labor of love. We are looking for visionary individuals who wish to make a substantial commitment, donating their full-time focus, expertise, and energy to help us increase dignity throughout the world . This type of leadership involves practicing sophisticated dignity skills to encourage and inspire the efforts of our global members who wish to contribute, but have limited time available.

In particular, we invite those who would like to take on leadership roles supporting large-scale dignity projects, such as the World Dignity University initiative . We are extremely thankful to Uli Spalthoff for creating a wonderful platform for us, from which we can continue to grow into the future! 

We warmly invite you to share your leadership skills by joining with us to build dignity in the world. Computer knowledge would be essential. Ideally, this might include knowledge of Joomla, the capability to program using Python, Django, databases, and html. A person who knows how to program in other computer languages could learn all of this within several weeks.
New European Data Protection

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As a valued member of our collaborative community, we hope you will want to continue receiving updates about our shared work for dignity in the world!
Thank you for all of your efforts to bring dignity into the lives of all people!

Evelin Lindner , MD, PhDs, Founding President
Linda Hartling , PhD, Director
Uli Spalthoff , PhD, Director of Project Development and Systems Administration 
Michael Britton , EdD, PhD, Board Member 
Richard Slaven , PhD, Director of Dignifunding
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