Every April, like monarch butterflies migrating south, artists descend upon the Plein Air Convention.  Royal Talens has been supporting this event, which has been called the “Woodstock of Painting,” since its inception.  A week-long event that attracts artists from around the world, PACE is a mixture of education, painting excursions, camaraderie and of course, shopping for the world’s finest art materials. Read more.
Ecoline liquid watercolors are a dream. They can be mixed with so many different mediums: regular watercolors, aqua pencils, and even gouache, to list a few. Read more.
The history of the wonderful red-orange vermilion has some dark undertones. For years, the colour was extracted from the highly poisonous mineral cinnabar, which has a high mercury and Sulphur content. Read more.
San Francisco Bay Area Artist Ashlee Williamson has developed a unique style that relies on the materials she uses to perform at the highest levels since they are the star of the show. Recently she has made a discovery that Rembrandt watercolors respond to her technique better than other brands that she’s tried. Read more.
This month’s featured artist, Justin Vining, draws inspiration from rural America and has become fascinated with the disappearance of small family farms that once dominated the American Landscape. Royal Talens North America Vice President Kyle Richardson sat down with Justin to talk inspiration, projects, and Royal Talens products. Read more.
Selling Royal Talens products for over 25 years now, we have come to appreciate their dedication to quality. Every tube, bottle, pencil or pastel is crafted to a consistent level of quality that our customers have come to rely on. And we love pointing out to our customers that these products are made in Holland. Read more.
April’s Featured Employee, Kirk Gillespie, works as a Key Account Manager for Royal Talens North America, as well as supporting the entire team with product development and graphic design. When he's not working hard to maintain our network of retailers, Kirk creates his own art. Read more.